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Hasselt University: An unparalleled learning experience in the heart of Europe

Located in Belgium, the heart of Europe, Hasselt University is a great place to pursue one’s higher education. With two beautiful campuses in Diepenbeek and Hasselt, a wonderful location for students. It has all the benefits of a city, but also enough greenery for walking, biking and hiking.

Hasselt is an excellent starting point for discovering Brussels, London, Paris, Rotterdam, Berlin and the rest of Europe. Students find it easy to travel around the country or reach other European cities. You will stay in an economically strong region, boasting a high quality of life.

Hasselt University

Source: Hasselt University

Hasselt University counts 6,750 students, of which the population is highly diverse. You will be surrounded by a multilingual society where English is widely spoken. Belgians are known for being open-minded and are always excited to meet new people. A total of 15% of Hasselt University’s students — and 47% of the 713 PhD students — are international, and at least 15% of the 1,585 staff come from abroad.

Hasselt University offers 34 master’s programmes, including five 5 high quality English master’s programmes, of which 2 are also offered via distance learning (Interior Architecture, Management, Biomedical Sciences, Transportation Sciences and Statistics and Data Science), 18 bachelor’s degrees and is home to three doctoral schools to cater to students of all backgrounds and interests. After obtaining a master’s degree, there is a possibility to pursue the degree of doctor at Hasselt University by doing a PhD in different disciplines.

Unsurprisingly, Hasselt University is ranked 47th in the Times Higher Education ranking of universities younger than 50 years. It is also ranked among the world’s best 2% universities in U-Multirank 2021, making it an attractive option for students wishing to further their studies in a successful university environment.

High quality education at an affordable price

Belgium has one of the most highly ranked education systems in the world and delivers world-wide highly valued degrees. Hasselt University uses innovative teaching and learning methods, with research-led courses. They have excellent staff consisting of leading authorities.

Access to higher education is highly valued in the Belgian society and programmes offered at public higher education institutions are subsidised by the Belgian government. That’s why tuition fees are low. With annual tuition fees ranging from 947.20 to 2,143 euros for a full academic year of 60 ECTS credits, prospective students can be assured of Hasselt University’s excellent price-quality ratio.

Hasselt University

Source: Hasselt University

A supportive learning environment and a springboard for student success

Hasselt University’s outstanding education model ensures that students will become talented entrepreneurial graduates upon completing their studies.

The university aims to teach students how to learn independently. Professor Dr. Piet Pauwels, Dean of the Faculty of Business Economics and Professor for International Marketing and Business, says “student-centric education is the DNA” of Hasselt University. Students in small groups, with a maximum of 30, gather together for interaction, making the learning much more interactive. At Hasselt University you are not a number. We highly value the personal contact between students and staff.

Hasselt University strongly promotes students to expand their horizons and therefore offers many opportunities to go abroad during and after your studies with the university’s many exchange agreements with foreign universities, research centres and organisations.

A wide range of support services is available. At Student Point, students can access a study coach to help them with their studies; make special circumstances requests if they are dyslexic or have chronic health conditions; consult the university’s student psychologist for psychological support; and have access to a social worker for issues relating to student welfare. All of these services are offered free of charge.

It’s an effort that has served its students well. “The guidance of the university is really amazing because when you are here, they will try their best to help you how to integrate in Belgium,” says Anson Yip, a Master of Management student from Hong Kong.

Hasselt University

Source: Hasselt University

Hasselt University is known for helping students with an interest in entrepreneurship grow their skills and knowledge. The university is home to StudentStartup UHasselt where students can develop and market their products. The 2020-21 academic year saw Hasselt University supervising 114 student entrepreneurs alone; 35 have already started their company and 60 are still refining their business ideas.

“The fact that more students are starting up entrepreneurship is undoubtedly due to the support from the government and from our own university,” says Professor Pieter Vandekerkhof. “But it also has to do with the students themselves. This generation is deliberately looking for opportunities and wants to take the future into their own hands.”

Discover Hasselt University and enjoy

Are you looking for a high-quality master’s programme with a personal approach? Visit their website. Also very welcome to visit the campus and try delicious Belgian specialties such as chocolates, fries and waffles.

 Visit www.uhasselt.be and discover its dynamic programmes!

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