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Source: Dan School of Drama and Music

The performing arts field is a unique blend of study. A melding of one’s physical and mental capabilities, it’s not just about the creation and communication of ideas; it’s also about bringing us to a higher level of being, giving us the chance to explore new roles that contribute to personal development.

But success in this field requires students to obtain the necessary experience to put their knowledge to test. This all starts with choosing the right university – one that complements theory with practice to help student thrive upon graduation.

So, for those who are eager to further their undergraduate or postgraduate studies in the performing arts, whether you’re looking towards a career on stage or behind the scenes, you may want to consider the Dan School of Drama and Music at Queen’s University.

Located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, the Dan School’s performing arts programmes offer a harmonious blend of theory with practice-driven education that prepares you for the realities of work in your chosen field. Their programmes provide a unique educational experience at the intersection of drama, music and music theatre, laying the foundation for students to enjoy a successful career.

Source: Dan School of Drama and Music

Future students can enjoy a wide breadth of areas of study here; undergraduate programmes include Drama, Music, Music/Theatre, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Media and Performance and Performance Production and Computing and the Creative Arts Specialisation.

For example, future BA in Drama students can expect to learn all aspects of theatre, from acting and directing to theatre history and dramatic literature. There are also opportunities for students to become involved with the school’s productions, which have been described as “intriguing work that meets a high level of accomplishment”.

Some of the institution’s popular offerings include Music Theatre, Acting, Technical Production and summer courses in Medieval Theatre at Herstmonceux Castle in England. To further facilitate learning with hands-on experiences, students can expect internship opportunities where they work with professional theatre companies to gain real-life experience, translating theory into practice.

The Dan School’s BA in Music prepares students for a wide variety of professional music careers, as well as for postgraduate study in a chosen specialisation. This programme will provide you with a solid foundation in musicology, theory, musicianship and applied study, while you will also be able to focus on one or more of the main areas of study: musicology, ethnomusicology, theory, composition, education or applied study (performance).

The Dan School taps into the expertise of partners, allowing students to harness their real-world potential and excel in their chosen careers. For example, the Music Theatre programme – a demanding “triple threat” course – sees a partnership between St. Lawrence College and the school, providing students with the theoretical and practical training both in the three core disciplines of acting, singing and dancing, but also in the study of music theatre from a liberal arts angle.

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENIN) offered by the Dan School is the first of its kind at Queen’s University, bringing together nine different Faculties, Schools, Departments and service units. Housed within the Faculty of Arts and Science and the Dan School of Drama and Music, this certificate was designed to allow students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and to execute entrepreneurial innovation.

Source: Dan School of Drama and Music

In the Fall of 2019, The Dan School will launch a new specialisation in Media and Performance Production (MAPP). Combining courses from Film & Media and the Dan School of Drama & Music, MAPP is ideal for students interested in both fields and drawing together lessons learned in each. This program focuses on all aspects of mediatization from moving image production to the intermedial integration of “media” into live arts.

Meanwhile, those who have completed their undergraduate studies can apply to the Arts Management Graduate Diploma programme or for the Master of Arts in Arts Leadership, ideal for students and working professionals who are seeking opportunities in arts management and leadership.

Curriculum aside, being a student at Queen’s means you’ll be studying amongst the 10 highest-ranked Canadian universities. It’s not just the rankings and courses that make Dan School’s programmes so appealing. Students also gain valuable experience in making an impact on others, as well opportunities for personal and professional growth, through the institution’s community projects. These include  The Barefoot Players, a theatre troupe that operates out of the Queen’s University Drama Department and performs for local schools and parks throughout Kingston and the surrounding area.

The project is in collaboration with the Queen’s Summer Work Experience Program (SWEP), which provides Queen’s undergraduate students with engaging, challenging and rewarding summer work experience. Through this, The Barefoot Players gain valuable workplace experience creating, touring, and performing theatre for young audiences between May and August each year.

Queens’ practice-driven education helps prospective students vault into their chosen performing arts career. So, if you’re ready to begin your journey, Queen’s Dan School can help you realise your potential.  

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