Glenalmond College is a co-educational full boarding and day school for boys and girls between the ages of 12 to 18. Situated on a 300-acre campus in the heart of the Perthshire countryside, just eight miles from Perth and one hour from Edinburgh and Glasgow, Glenalmond College is the ideal and convenient location for one of Scotland’s most respected Boarding Schools.

Glenalmond College was founded in 1847 by the renowned politician, WE Gladstone. The School’s first Warden, Charles Wordsworth, was the famous poet William Wordsworth, and was instrumental in arranging the completion of the Chapel and its consecration back in 1851. The 1890s are considered Glealmond’s “Golden Era”, when the building of new classrooms and accommodation under the rule of Warden Skrine caused a sharp increase in numbers. It is a School that is rich with dignity and history, constantly evolving to meet the demands of students in an ever-changing society.

At Glenalmond College, education is about more than qualifications and achievements. It is about the well-rounded, intelligent person you become. It is not simply a question of what is acquired or amassed, but a much deeper and more profound development of personality, character and intellect. The school provides an inspirational environment in which young people have the opportunity to grow into confident, independent individuals, and go on to face the challenges life presents head-on; be successful in whatever they choose to do and are armed with the qualities that will allow them to thrive in an increasingly competitive world. Academics is at the heart of everything at Glenalmond; they value, develop and support every pupil’s academic ability, nurturing excellence to the highest of levels and guiding those who find the work a little bit harder. All of this happens in the context of unsurpassed pastoral care and the development of spirit and soul.