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Get the most out of your medical degree with top-notch facilities at Masaryk University

Masaryk University is a prestigious European university located right in the centre of Europe — the Czech Republic. That is where the students gain the needed experience and knowledge to become graduates with bright futures and successful careers. A total of 35,000 students enrol at Masaryk University annually — 20% of whom are from abroad.

But apart from the promise of a bright future, what brings international students over to Czech Republic’s second-largest university?

The location is one of the reasons. Brno, the Czech Republic’s second city, is located right in the heart of Europe and is close to all the central European cities. If you enjoy long walks in nature, playing winter sports or trying out local cafés and bistros — Brno is the city for you.

Nevertheless, the city is not the main reason why many choose to study at Masaryk University. The programmes are quite affordable compared to other European universities and with no compromise on quality, quite on the contrary. Masaryk University is an institution that takes pride in its research and great teachers, as well as its modern facilities and smooth administration.

Faculty of Medicine, one of the 10 faculties of Masaryk University which ensures the education of future doctors and dentists, is situated in a new campus with facilities that help students thrive. Officially opened in 2010, it has 24 teaching and research buildings which also include a library, an auditorium, gyms and other sports facilities, halls of residence, restaurants and cafés.

For medical and dentistry students, there’s an extra perk: the campus is directly adjacent to one of the university hospitals and home to the largest simulation centre in Central Europe.

Source: Masaryk University

Masaryk University nurtures students into doctors using their one-of-a-kind simulation hospital called SIMU. Source: Masaryk University

World-class learning environment

The state-of-the-art Simulation Centre (SIMU) is where over 5,000 students and young doctors practise real-life situations and procedures before they can practise with real patients. Using the newest simulators and teaching techniques available.

General Medicine students can get acquainted with a realistic hospital setting from their first year of studies at Masaryk University.

By the time they join practical lessons at their two university hospitals, they’ll be ready to learn with real patients, supervised by the best doctors. For those taking Dentistry, an entire floor equipped with 70 advanced simulators awaits their efforts to improve their dentistry skills.

SIMU was built and equipped like an authentic hospital. On the ground floor of this five-storey simulation centre is an emergency room with an outdoor simulation area — fully equipped with an emergency vehicle. This 8,000 square metre facility houses two operating theatres, a delivery room, intensive care units (ICU), a seminar area with lecture rooms and classrooms, standard rooms, and rooms for virtual 3D simulation teaching. There is even a heliport on the roof of the building. Furthermore, these rooms are filled with genuine medical equipment, advanced patient simulators of babies, children, pregnant women, as well as seniors, geriatric nursing models, an artificial respiratory support simulator, an incubator and much more.

Source: Masaryk University

Future dentists are also not left behind at Masaryk University, where advanced simulators enhance everyday learning. Source: Masaryk University

Exceptional teaching methods

The Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University can offer their students a chance to experience low-fidelity computer simulations, referred to as virtual patients. Moreover, they train their manual skills with training simulators and advanced patient simulators under the guidance of one of the largest and best-trained team of lecturers in the field of simulation medicine.

SIMU, however, is not just about knowledge, but also about seeing and finding solutions. The unique approach of the classes taught there also develops soft skills. Sophisticated scenarios for high-fidelity simulations combined with the realistic environment of the centre and collaborative learning methods solidify skills that all future doctors need, such as interaction with a patient, teamwork, or the process of diagnosis and treatment. That means students get to experience every part of their future profession and beyond.

You can simply say, that there is no other place that could train medical students the way SIMU can without jeopardising real patients’ lives because SIMU is a place where it is not a sin to make a mistake but it is a sin not to learn from it.

So, go ahead and fulfil your dreams of becoming a doctor or a dentist. Study at Masaryk University and gain the best knowledge and experience in the Simulation Centre!

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