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At GESS – International School, every child is placed at the centre of their learning. Here, children are given the room to explore their interests and the freedom to grow. They do this through the many opportunities the school creates and identifies for them. This is one of many reasons why 1,800 students of over 66 nationalities are drawn to this not-for-profit community school and its wide range of programmes.

William Tsai’s career in gaming brought him and his family to Singapore. Having moved from South Africa, the Taiwanese nationals had to wait a year before enrolling their children in GESS.

The wait was worth it. Today, their son and daughter are taking part in comprehensive German language classes, a distinctive music programme, and extensive co-curricular activities in exceptional campus facilities. Seeing them explore their interests and talents in a variety of areas — and growing notably from them — has been meaningful in every way to the Tsais.

“I would strongly recommend GESS to other parents,” he says. “Some may see the value in developing their children more in certain areas, but I think that in primary and middle school, we wanted to give our children the opportunity to develop evenly. At GESS, they do just that.”

Tsai commends the school for nurturing his children in a way that has made them more proactive with their passions. They no longer need to be pushed or guided at home. They are also more confident, thanks to welcoming teachers and exposure to various cultures.

Sandra Landi,  a diplomat and GESS parent, agrees. For her, raising two girls who are citizens of the world; respectful of different cultures and backgrounds; open to new ideas; and curious about new ways of doing things was a priority.

“I like that the school really puts emphasis on exploring,” she says. “In this world where developments happen so fast, we can’t anticipate the realities our kids will have to navigate when they’re older. It’s really important that they have a skill set where they dare to explore and try something new.”

GESS – International School

A driving force behind outstanding achievements is the GESS Centre for Excellence. Source: GESS – International School

Here, talented students discover their potential by embracing opportunities. In doing so, they are set on the right path to become exceptional in whichever area their passions lie in. A driving force behind their outstanding achievements is the GESS Centre for Excellence. Within this programme, talents are nurtured in areas that span across the sciences, engineering, technology, mathematics, arts, sports, and music — amongst many others. On top of their regular curriculum, high-potential students also have access to a pool of close to 40 offerings that stretch their potential. This includes the Science Centre’s Young Scientists Programme and International Junior Science Olympiad.

The GESS Excellence Programme also allows the youngest innovators to network and learn from industry professionals and experts regularly. They gain insight from talks conducted by professors from the world-renowned Technical University of Munich, specialists from Volocopter (who are working on air taxis), and even have career guidance from experts from BMW Asia. These experiences and the initiative as a whole add a competitive edge to the secondary school experience, letting each participant continue pursuing their passions at university and beyond.

A string of milestones proves the success of GESS’s approach. It is the first school outside of Europe that has been accepted into the esteemed Junior Engineer Academy network by Deutsche Telekom. This two-year programme enables Grade 8 and 9 students to learn from academics, scientific bodies, and industry experts as well as take on engineering problems, innovate solutions and enjoy access to materials and equipment used in state-of-the-art laboratories. Upon completion, they obtain a certificate endorsed by the school, the Junior Engineer Academy and the Deutsche Telekom Stiftung.

GESS – International School

This IB World School boasts an extensive lineup of over 90 co-curricular activities. Source: GESS – International School

“Right now we have been learning about sensors and I like that we get to have a project that helps us show everything we have learned — applying it to make something that can help us in the real world,” enthuses Stuti Bhat, a student.

It’s clear that at this non-selective school for learners between the ages of two and 18, every student has the freedom to grow. With over 90 co-curricular activities that include the unique Vocal and Instrumental Programme, the Language Enrichment Programme, weekend clubs and holiday camps — the enrichment continues well after classes conclude.

All of this is made possible with brand new and exceptional facilities on campus. This includes an Olympic-sized pool, a 400-seater auditorium, a cooking lab, the Black Box Theatre, a football pitch, and more. Right at the GESS doorstep is the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, offering more opportunities to learn outdoors and see classroom lessons come alive in the natural environment. Wherever you find them, they’ll be working toward the same goal — to push boundaries and achieve their callings.

Whether your child is looking to excel in STEM, drama, sports, social activities, or even research, they’ll be able to grow at GESS. To learn more, click here.

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