George Washington University School of Business: Staying ahead of the curve
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George Washington University School of Business: Staying ahead of the curve

The George Washington School of Business (GWSB) sets the bar way above bottom line. Through 13 specialized Master’s degrees, five MBA formats, and 24 graduate certificates, this school empowers tomorrow’s business leaders.

GWSB’s unique location is one of the school’s greatest strengths. Its Washington, DC, Foggy Bottom campus shares the neighborhood with US federal agencies, international organizations, businesses, trade and advocacy associations, and non-profits.

GWSB takes full advantage of its proximity to government agencies, businesses and international organizations. National and international leaders — from heads of state to captains of industry and visionary entrepreneurs — frequently speak on campus, enriching the student experience from day one.

Here, learners have unmatched access to first-hand observation and study of some of the most important and influential organizations in the world. The relationship between GWSB and Washington, DC, frequently results in student internships, and upon graduation, long-term employment opportunities.

All this is because GWSB is dedicated to keeping pace with – and even speeding ahead of – the constantly evolving global business environment and the ever-changing education market. This school understands the complexities of modern workplace transition, and the constant need for business executives to retrain and ‘upskill’ their workers.

And with experts predicting that as many as 375 million workers – 14 percent of the total global workforce – may need to switch occupational categories as digitization, automation and advancements in AI continue to take hold, GWSB’s commitment to flexible education and lifelong learning gives graduates a definite edge.

A future-facing experience

GWSB plans to elevate and expand opportunities for lifelong learning, offering a range of graduate certificate programs that allow students to ‘stack’ certificates and elective courses to form custom-designed degrees under its new Master of Interdisciplinary Business Studies.

On top of this, the school is implementing brand-new programs in sought-after subjects like AI, cloud applications and information technology, non-profit and government management, strategic management, tourism management, and corporate responsibility.

Then there’s the revitalized MBA, an “inverted” program that will let learners apply earned credits to a specialized Master’s degree, leading to a full MBA qualification.

“At the GW School of Business (GWSB), you’re more than just a student — you’re part of a community of lifelong learners,” the website explains.

“Earn a graduate certificate one year, and return later to fold it into a Master’s degree. Combine certificates and courses to create a program that’s tailored to your vision. Whatever your path may be, when it comes time to enhance your skill set or retain your competitive edge, we have a program designed to fit every stage of your career.”

Retuning program offerings

At the same time as adding new programs, the school is in the process of revising, updating, enhancing and altering existing programs inline with industry trends. Here’s a taste of what’s in store:

  • 4+1 Programs, which will allow students to apply up to nine undergraduate credits towards a Master’s degree.
  • The accelerated MBA, specially tailored to working professionals. It allows students to earn their degrees in less than two years without interrupting their careers. Classes are held on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays.
  • Taking an intra-disciplinary approach to business education, GWSB is integrating analytics and technology into its programs, and is also developing a business minor for non-business students.
  • Keen to promote greater flexibility in all programs, the school is working to boost available evening, weekend and online classes, eager to accommodate students’ professional and personal schedules. GWSB will offer more than a dozen of these certificate programs online by fall 2020.
  • New graduate programs in the pipeline include cross-functional management, international business and applied finance.

And as a school that always puts students’ interests first, the entire planning process has drawn participation from GWSB’s diverse stakeholder community of students, alumni, faculty and staff. These individuals will remain involved throughout the entire development process and beyond.

Educating employable graduates

“The George Washington University School of Business (GWSB) is committed to cutting-edge research and providing students with the best business education available today,” says Anuj Mehrotra, Dean of the school.

“GWSB is a renowned institution with a distinguished faculty that makes significant, frequently groundbreaking contributions to drive business change and public policy,” the Dean concludes. “Their thought leadership helps to shape our innovative curriculum, providing GWSB students with the tools they need to successfully compete in today’s global and dynamic business environment.”

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