Gain a practical foundation at Boston University School of Law

As a world-renowned hub for legal education and practice, Boston University School of Law (BU Law) explores the full scope of law and legislature studies.

Aspiring lawyers, barristers, and legal executives from every corner of the globe venture to BU Law, eager to refine their expertise and enter the professional realm. This is an institution that supports students in shaping their passion, providing comprehensive programs in ‘virtually any area of law’, on top of various Skills-Based Courses required by the practicing attorney.

Here, disciplines stretch from Intellectual Property Law to Business LawCivil Rights & Constitutional Law to Immigration & Human Rights LawEntertainment & Sports Law and everything in between. BU Law has been perfecting its practical focus over many years, launching more than 200 courses and empowering students with an unparalleled choice of specializations. The American Law Program (ALP), for example, is the most flexible of BU Law’s graduate programs, and offers a truly unrivalled selection of legal study paths.

“As an LLM in American Law Program student, you will be integrated into the school’s regular JD classes and therefore have access to BU Law’s full-time faculty,” says John N. Riccardi, Assistant Dean for Graduate and International Programs Director at the School of Law.

“Why does that matter?” he adds. “BU Law’s full-time faculty has been named No 1 in America by the Princeton Review. Our faculty consists of world-renowned scholars who excel not only in their contributions to legal thought, but who also excel in the classroom as instructors. You can hear it from our current students and alumni. Many will tell you that their BU Law instructors are the best they’ve had, anywhere.”

One of the ALP’s many assets lies in its ability to blend practical education with theory. This program is known to build on the reputed aspects of BU’s JD courses, enlivening the student experience through hands-on opportunities. Here, faculty understand that in order to succeed within the lucrative legal practice, graduates must leave readily equipped with real-world training. As such, the school functions as a dedicated platform from which students can apply learned knowledge within diverse professional contexts.

As an example of this in action, all BU Law students, including international students, can participate in the Pro Bono program, where they provide voluntary legal services to people and organizations. LLM students who successfully complete the pro bono pledge by conducting at least 50 hours of work are rewarded with a special designation on their final transcript – invaluable real-world experience they would be hard pushed to find at any other law school.

Above all else, students come here to master the legal craft, and that is something that simply cannot be accomplished between the classroom walls. Students need to get out there and be it, feel it, live it to emanate success, and with the intent practical focus ingrained at BU Law, students rest assured that everything they learn stays relevant throughout their long-term career.

“Our LLM Professional Development Office is specifically and exclusively dedicated for LLM students, providing individualized counselling and support to help them secure post-graduation internships or permanent jobs, in the US or abroad,” Riccardi explains.

Here, students who are keen to pursue US state bar exams are led by expert guidance on eligibility requirements and application procedures. This is a theme that runs throughout BU, a school run by qualified practitioners who genuinely care, consistently placing students at the heart of the legal venture.

But to gain an honest understanding of the BU Law advantage, the best place to look is the school’s vast alumni network. The web of qualified legal specialists derived from BU Law is intricate and global. Fuelled by the practical skills base gained in their time at the school, students pave their way to a successful future, driving BU’s outstanding reputation forward at the same time.

“The superior education a BU Law degree represents is recognized worldwide,” Riccardi adds. “Our LLM graduates are among the most highly recruited by global firms and corporations. Graduates live or practice in over 65 countries outside America, and Boston University Alumni Clubs span the globe with international associations worldwide.”

And with 100 percent of the ALP’s most recent graduating class stating they would recommend the program to a friend or colleague, it is clear students appreciate the unending opportunities on offer at BU Law.

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