free 2023 games
You can find the most exciting online games for free. Here are four online options for you to consider. Source: Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images North America/Getty Images/AFP

Have you been Googling the “best free 2023 games”? 

Perhaps you are looking for a new game, need an exciting way to spend your time after class, or want a break from studying.

If so, here are some good news. Free online games are becoming more accessible than ever before. 

In 2021, reported that the gaming industry generated approximately US$180 billion in revenue. The number paints a clear picture: we love games more and more each year.

Popular gaming platforms like Steam makes it easy for students to discover and play some of the best free online games. 

Some of these games are driven by an elaborate storyline allowing you to sink into hours of immersive gameplay, while others focus on strategy, action and adventure.

Regardless of your interest, here are some of the best online games you can play with your friends in 2023.

We made sure to have something for the adrenaline junkie, strategy enthusiast, and role-playing-games (RPG) geek. 

Are these games really free?

Yes. You can download these games from their official website or gaming sites like Steam or Epic Games Store.

2023 games

If you have been Googling the “best free 2023 games” to play online, check out Genshin Impact. Its latest update introduces two new characters (Alhaitham and Yaoyao), new domains, a new weapon, new outfits, and more. Source: Ina Fassbender/AFP.

4 new free 2023 games to play with friends

1. Genshin Impact

If you paid attention to the videos released during the COVID-19 pandemic, you would have heard of Genshin Impact, an action RPG that exploded in popularity

Its character design, elaborate storyline, and unique gameplay based on elemental reactions make this one of the best 2023 games you can play with your friends. 

What’s more, players can now enjoy a region called Sumeru. Here, you will experience new storylines, meet a new cast of characters and learn how the new element — Dendro — fits in the ecosystem of elemental reactions. 

2. Marvel Snap

Not a fan of elaborate storylines or complex gameplay?

Marvel Snap offers a simple way to have fun with your friends. It’s a card game that allows you to interact with some of your favourite Marvel characters. 

Join battles and use cards with different effects to get the highest score in six rounds. 

Since you can’t buy new cards, all players are on an equal playing field. You get new cards as you level up. 

With the new update, challenge your friends in “Battle Mode” to see who has the most powerful deck. 

2023 games

Whether you want adrenaline, strategy, role play or adventure, these new free 2023 games have it all. Source: Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images North America/Getty Images/AFP

3. Apex Legends

Want to experience the thrill of being the last man standing in a battle-royale game? Try Apex Legends.

You play as a squad of three using a line-up of heroes called “Legends” with distinctive abilities. As the countdown starts, your team will brawl in a furious battle of survival with 20 squads until the last squad survives. 

The game gets new weekly updates on Tuesdays, introducing slight balance changes and bug fixes. Seasonal updates occur every three months, which brings new content to the game.

It also has a mobile counterpart called “Apex Legends Mobile” that you can download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Take note, however, that Electronic Arts is shutting down Apex Legends Mobile on May 1 as the company can no longer maintain quality gaming standards on this platform.

4. Warframe

Picture a third-person shooter and action RPG defined by fast-paced gameplay and intense melee combat. 

That is Warframe. As members of the Tenno (a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of deep slumber), you will fight against different factions, such as the Grineer, Corpus, and Orikin, in a vast planetary system.

Choose from a total of 49 Warframes – each with an array of special abilities, enhanced mobility and regenerative shields. 

For example, pick Rhino to force your way through a wave of enemies. Or waltz through the field with a lighter frame like Volt.

With the “Lua’s Prey.” you can expect to find new weapons and quality of life changes.