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Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University: An online MBA that supercharges careers

The world is undergoing rapid and transformative changes. Globalisation has intensified competition in the marketplace, compelling businesses to thrive multiple markets and around the clock. Climate change is triggering a surge in natural disasters, disruptions in supply chains, and shifts in consumer behaviour. Technological advancements are revolutionising business operations, with artificial intelligence enabling task automation and enhanced decision-making.

Amidst these dynamic changes, adeptly navigating the evolving landscape requires true leadership — a visionary who can pioneer the way forward. And the education needed to embody this is now accessible to all professionals, thanks to the School of Business and Industry at the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU).

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Source: Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

A career-advancing qualification open to all

FAMU’s online Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) was designed to propel professionals to new heights, placing them at the forefront of leadership and unlocking doors to new and exciting industries. With its comprehensive curriculum, the programme covers a broad range of disciplines, including Accounting/Finance, Supply Chain, Facilities Management, and Sports Management.

By touching upon these essential areas of business, the programme provides a holistic understanding of the interconnectedness and complexities of modern organisations. In this, students gain the expertise needed to make informed decisions, lead with confidence, and drive success wherever they go.

While it effortlessly accommodates diverse aspirations, it also stands out for its flexibility.  Accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, this five-semester, 43-credit hour qualification was designed with the needs of working professionals in mind. It strikes a balance between academic excellence and pressure-free timelines, empowering individuals with existing responsibilities to advance their skill sets without putting their lives on hold.

With convenient online coursework and a supportive virtual learning environment, students have the freedom to study at their own pace, access course materials and engage with faculty and peers whenever and wherever it suits them.

An affordable journey to the top of the ladder

Indeed, flexibility makes FAMU’s online MBA significantly more cost-effective than traditional on-campus programmes, but that’s not all there is to celebrate. The university understands that regardless of whether or not a qualification is earned online or on campus, financial burdens will always be associated with higher education. So, it goes the extra mile to alleviate some of those challenges.

For example, all online MBA textbooks and course materials are delivered in e-book format. Laptops are provided to each student in their first semester. Even experiential opportunities are funded — a rarity FAMU takes pride in offering.

Bridging the gap between theory and practice

The university understands that nothing shapes successful leaders better than real-world application, so it offers a range of hands-on projects and excursions. In addition to the traditional case studies and simulations found in a typical MBA programme, FAMU takes it up a notch with its international residencies. This short-term trip transports students to vibrant locations like Brazil, China, and Chile, where they will get the chance to connect with and learn from executives from esteemed multinational corporations.

Such immersive experiences provide a firsthand glimpse into the global business landscape. How better for tomorrow’s business leaders to better understand international markets and explore the complexities of conducting business in diverse cultural contexts?

Where experts nurture experts

Regardless of how the online MBA is customised, every student receives guidance from dedicated faculty members — each of whom is excellent in their own right. Some are credited with published research, and others have made intellectual contributions across disciplines such as accounting, finance, information systems, management, marketing and supply chain management.

Their collective knowledge and diverse perspectives not only create a vibrant academic environment but also gains favour from corporate powerhouses across the globe. Hence why FAMU boasts an illustrious lineup of over 100 corporate partners — think the likes of Accenture, John Deere, JPMorgan, Edward Jones, Disney, Ford, Burger King, and the Department of the Navy. FAMU works tirelessly to grow the list, believing that a strong network can grant its MBA students the best possible national and global employment outcomes post-graduation.

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Source: Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Of course, their university won’t let them show up anywhere unprepared. FAMU staffers cover the end-to-end process by conducting workshops on resume writing, coaching students on their interview techniques, scheduling actual interviews, and hosting the university’s annual career fair.         

An effective path to success

Numbers prove the power of FAMU’s online MBA — it boasts a job placement rate of over 85%, with the remaining 15% of graduates pursuing either a PhD or Juris Doctor. Countless graduates credit their achievements to the exceptional education they received at FAMU, which is why they have no problems wholeheartedly recommending it to those who want to follow in their footsteps.

“If you’re preparing to pursue an online MBA, please consider FAMU Online,” says John Thompson, a 1971 graduate. “It’s a unique experience that certainly should drive the kind of value creation that I’m sure you would like to have in the marketplace.”

As a highly accomplished professional, Thompson’s endorsement carries weight. He’s held several leadership positions during his 28 years at IBM. He was the chairman and CEO of Symantec for 10 years, then the CEO and director of Virtual Instruments. In 2012, he joined Microsoft’s board before eventually succeeding Bill Gates as chairman in February 2014. Today, Thompson is an esteemed investor and trusted advisor to early-stage technology companies in Silicon Valley.

He’s not the only FAMU graduate making waves in the corporate world. Shundrawn Thomas was the Executive Vice President at Northern Trust Corporation and is currently the Founder and Managing Partner of The Copia Group. Sonia Jackson Myles, another proud alum, is currently the Director of Global Purchases at Procter & Gamble.

Plenty of School of Business and Industry graduates went on to become their own bosses as well by taking the entrepreneurial route — like PJ Benton of PJJD Enterprises, Al Fuller of Integrated Packaging Company, Art Collins of Public-Private Partnerships, and Len Burnett of Vibe and Uptown magazines.

An enriching virtual experience awaits at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.