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A network of Finnish schools has launched an online school model accessible anywhere in the world. Source: Scott Olson/Getty Images/AFP

Online school may be the best bet for uninterrupted K-12 education in 2020. As a parent, you may be considering options for your children at home. If so, Finland has a new offering that may interest you.

Finnish Schools International, a network of schools mainly in Eastern Europe, recently introduced FSI Global Online School. Known as FSI GO, it promises to deliver affordable, world-class education to children anywhere in the world. Here are the main details you should know about it.

Its curriculum is inspired by the Finnish education system

Finland’s education system has a decades-long reputation as one of the best in the world. Now, children all over the world will be able to access this education too. FSI GO brings together an innovative international network of schools built upon the Finnish system.

At this online school, you’re only charged what you can afford

FSI GO aims to be affordable, so as to extend this access to more children worldwide. Therefore, you can pay monthly as you go along. How much you will pay depends on a three-tier pricing module based on your country’s GDP per capita. You can also change your child’s school at any time.

online school

FSI GO offers a variety of learning experiences for home learners. Source: FSI

It combines the power of over 60 edtech applications

Naturally, this online school taps into the multifaced functions of education technology applications. Students can experiment in virtual labs, learn to code, or pick up a new language or instrument via an assortment of apps. Students even report their mood and well-being every morning on the School Day app.

Guided by award-winning teachers, powered by artificial intelligence

Teachers play a key role in successfully guiding online learning. FSI GO teachers include Top 10 Finalists in the Global Teacher Prize, as well as National Winners of the Best Teacher Award. “We are convinced that giving teachers the leadership not only to deliver their great courses but to design, co-create and own the school they dream will result in a world-class online learning experience for our students,” said Alejtin Berisha, founder and CEO of FSI.

Learning coaches and tutors are available 24 hours, seven days a week to accommodate all time zones. Teachers will follow each student’s progress using an online tracking system, which can be accessed by parents, teachers, and students. Parents and students will also receive monthly progress reports. Additionally, assessments are based on constant evaluation and feedback.

online school

Students bring borderless education to life by collaborating in global projects and using various edtech apps. Source: Carlos Mamani/AFP

Families can create learning pods

The FSI GO model attempts to create a balanced learning experience by combining elements of online and offline learning. For example, your child can learn at home with your guidance, or together with their siblings or neighbours in “learning pods.” This is when you arrange for an onsite tutor to come to your home and provide face-to-face learning support to a small group of students.

Students will receive access to this service while also reaping the benefits of a borderless education by collaborating in global projects and using various edtech apps.

An online school with live and asynchronous classes

Online schools like FSI GO place more power in the hands of the learner. Students can curate their own learning journey; the Individual Learning Plan will be their roadmap. It outlines the time they spend on each subject, learning mode, as well as teammates and other students in their learning pods.

Whether your child is used to the British, American, or International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, they can start at FSI Go using as the benchmarked standards to each curriculum. There will be standardised assessments to find each learner’s starting points and curate their personal journey.

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