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A boarding education is often proven to be a transformative experience for any child. According to studies, boarding life has many benefits: it produces more motivated individuals, helps boost academic performance, and gives children more confidence to find their voices. Because of this, 78% of boarding school graduates reported feeling well-prepared for college life — proving its effectiveness in creating independent learners ready to take on the challenges of the world.

Nowhere is this more apparent than at Farringtons School. First established in 1908, Farringtons has a long history of bringing out the best in their students both academically and altruistically. Today, it has grown into a co-educational institution that leans on its Christian values of service, honesty, kindness and respect to educate bright young minds from across the world.

Farringtons School

Farringtons prides itself on creating a homely environment that brings students together. Source: Farringtons School

What sets an education at Farringtons apart is its all-rounded boarding programme. It welcomes students to a picturesque 25-acre English campus. Imagine classic architectural structures, extensive grounds, and a cool breeze — boarders here are treated to a beautiful and expansive environment to grow, explore, and learn in.

At the same time, they benefit from being located in the historical town of Kent. Aptly named “The Garden of England,” residents here are surrounded by elaborate parks and nature, all whilst enjoying close links to London. For international students, this is an added perk: visits from parents and loved ones are made easier, especially when considering the school’s short distance away from the biggest UK airports.

It was easy for Jamal to settle in. “Despite everything being so new, I found it easy to settle in thanks to the help of my staff and friends,” says the 12-year-old Kenyan. “My House Master gave me a tour and showed me how everything worked.

There are two boarding houses at Farringtons: West House for the girls and South House for the boys. Both boarding houses boast rooms for less than 50 students each. This is a deliberate choice: a smaller student community gives more room for individualised attention from teachers. Most importantly, however, is the opportunity to create stronger bonds between unlikely friends across all ages and races — a common thing at an institution as intimate as Farringtons.

Facilities are constructed with the sole intention to provide the best and most comfortable experience for boarders. Each house is equipped with a kitchen complete with a breakfast bar and a fridge always stocked with refreshments and snacks for growing young minds. Rooms are similarly furnished with modern wardrobes and desk space. Often, Sixth Formers enjoy their own spaces while younger students choose to share.

Farringtons School

Students can take part in a variety of sports at Farringtons. Source: Farringtons School

At Farringtons, the day doesn’t end with the culmination of classes. The school has a dedicated Boarding Activities Coordinator that organises a range of exciting activities on- and off-site — and in this, students are truly spoilt for choice. Some of these include learning to bake in the Food and Nutrition classrooms, visiting the swimming pool and gym, or enjoying a movie night on a nine-screen video wall.

Students are free to explore their passions. The two-storey Sports Hall was constructed for this purpose, boasting the main sports hall, a mirrored dance studio, and a fitness room (for Year 10 students and above). Students can participate in badminton, basketball, football, cricket, gymnastics, tennis, rugby, trampolining, and more. A heated pool is available for budding swimmers, and the grounds are apt for evenings spent cross-country running.

Weekends are just as — if not more — invigorating. Farringtons’s unique location gives students the opportunity to join a wide range of outdoor activities. Spend time go-karting, try mountain biking, take part in paintball competitions with friends, or go ice-skating in the winter — no experience is off the cards. Calmer days out spent shopping, cafe-hopping in Kent and exploring London are just as common.

Farringtons School

At Farringtons, students are free to explore their passions. Source: Farringtons School

Creating a place to call home is essential at Farringtons — and, naturally, this includes providing spaces for young learners to wind down and relax. Boys in South House often spend their evenings in front of the communal TV, which is equipped with a PlayStation 4 hosting all the latest games, or playing table tennis in the common room.

West House is a haven: boasting a large and comfortable lounge that’s used as a multi-functional space for yoga, pamper nights, game nights, birthday parties, and film sessions. Oftentimes, students come up with creative ways of spending time together, putting on fashion shows, hosting cooking competitions, and more. It’s certainly a warm and inviting environment for all.

Students at Farringtons are safe, happy, and well-taken care of — which in turn makes them more motivated to succeed academically, as well. A truly outstanding list of GCSE and A Level results granted Farringtons students places at the top universities in the UK and the world, including Oxford, Durham, UCL, King’s College London, Nottingham, and more.

All in all, it’s clear that over a century’s worth of running has established Farringtons as one of the best schools for young talents. They ultimately leave the school with the skills, knowledge and expertise they need to thrive in the real world — and look back on their time with fondness.

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