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Fairmont Schools: A holistic approach to academic excellence

Ask Collette Ngo what it means to be a Fairmont Husky, and she’ll share her story with pride. It’s one she’s told for years, in the dorms of Chapman University and as an MBA student at Pepperdine Graziadio Business School.

“What truly shaped my higher education and professional career was my time here at Fairmont,” she confirms. “I was a part of the Associated Student Body, debate, and public speaking experiences. Leadership opportunities at a close-knit school really made me realize that I was passionate about presenting. Furthermore, through the International Business program, I could explore business, economics, entrepreneurship and management inside the classroom.”

Such personalized academic journeys are typical at a school that encourages its learners to build on their strengths, develop their talents, and explore new possibilities. Of course, they receive expert guidance from a world-class faculty every step of the way. Their support is crucial as students routinely work at least a full year ahead of their grade level. Hence, their ability to perform in the top percentiles on standardized tests and achieve acceptance to the nation’s top colleges.

For instance, the class of 2022 will soon represent the school that made them at the American University of Paris, Boston University, Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard University, New York University, Pennsylvania State University, Stanford University, and Yale University, amongst many other esteemed institutions.

Fairmont Schools

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Thanks to Fairmont’s ability to welcome learners of all ages, the journey to academic excellence can begin anytime. In Preschool, the youngest Huskies are introduced to foundational academic skills, honing fine and gross motor skills, and developing social and emotional connections. They exercise their creativity through lessons in art, music and intentional play; alongside other staples like foreign languages, physical education, library skills, and STEM learning.

Fairmont’s Elementary School takes things up a notch by helping students connect classroom lessons to the world around them. Core lessons are coupled with engaging, more advanced speciality classes like art, music, physical education, STEM, library, and Spanish. Delivery also evolves at this point, with students being exposed to ability grouping and special programs for acceleration or remediation.

For Middle Schoolers, the Fairmont experience focuses on developing a keener academic understanding and a deeper sense of awareness of both their community and themselves. Through inquiry-based learning, they develop the confidence needed to collaborate and lead while tackling rigorous courses such as algebra, trigonometry, language, literature, and biology, with Honors level coursework available to exceptionally gifted students. Elective courses include art, debate, drama, robotics, music, and journalism.

Fairmont Schools

Source: Fairmont Schools

Fairmont’s school days intensify as students grow older — but so do its support offerings. The social and emotional health of students comes first at this critical development stage thanks to their educators, who receive extensive training in social-emotional learning. They receive unlimited access to Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and academic counselors. Middle schoolers are also offered a daily Flex period to work on homework, receive one-on-one tutoring from teachers, meet with their counselors, or take a break to read, refresh, or explore their interests.

High schoolers at Fairmont receive the same privileges. The School’s signature curriculum becomes more personalized at this stage, giving students more opportunities to design their academic pathways. From college prep courses approved by the University of California and in-depth Honours Courses, to classic Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses — students en route to the university of their dreams are thoroughly prepared to take collegiate study by storm.

First sparks of new passions often start here, thanks to Fairmont’s flagship academic programs. The Advanced Science and Engineering Program, Advanced Mathematics, Robotics, International Business Program (IBP), and Speech & Debate Program are each renowned for building skill sets and providing students with early exposure to the career paths they find most intriguing. These lessons played a crucial role in Ngo’s transition from student to professional.

“I learned how to network at a very young age, and I was given an edge in my job as an analyst now,” she says. “As I move on with completing my MBA and pursuing a career in finance, I really do attribute where I am today to my experience here at Fairmont.”

It’s little wonder why Fairmont has been voted Best Private School in Orange County for nine consecutive years. Since each of its five campuses has an individual personality and their own lineup of impressive offerings, click here to find out which will be the best fit for your child.

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