Explore, enjoy, engage at Jerudong Summer Camp
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Explore, enjoy, engage at Jerudong Summer Camp

As an institution that recently won The British International School Award for its Outstanding Strategic Initiative, Jerudong International School (JIS) has rapidly evolved into Brunei’s best boarding and day school. Hosting incredible summer and performing arts camps, the school’s academic and social reputation is one that’s racing ahead.

Surrounded by the lush Borneo rainforest and just a stone’s throw away from the coast, being on this campus can often feel like an everlasting holiday. For students, the school’s tranquil landscape transforms ordinary study breaks into extraordinary childhood experiences. Instead of being confined to a classroom, learners are encouraged to go out and enjoy the enormous playing fields and soak up the South East Asian sun.

As Brunei Tourism explains, “With unspoiled and pristine jungles, Brunei has been dubbed one of Asia’s best-kept secrets. Due to the abundance of nature, it’s a haven for explorers and adventurers.” That’s why there are so many applicants rushing to secure their place at Jerudong. By receiving a first-class education and a once-in-a-lifetime academic adventure, both learners and their parents get the best of both worlds.

During weekends and public holidays, students get to discover Brunei’s natural wonders. For activities along the Brunei River, there’s the famous ‘Venice of the East’. Otherwise known as Kampong Ayer, this water village is home to fascinating stilt houses and rugged wooden bridges. This is a popular hotspot for longboat tours and provides tourists with a backstage pass of Brunei’s hidden woodlands.

Or, if JIS learners would prefer to see the Brunei countryside by foot, there’s the exquisite Ulu Temburong National Park to explore. Bursting with 400 types of butterfly and gorgeous Bornean gibbons and proboscis monkeys, it’s the best place to appreciate the school’s local habitat. And the good news is, there’s so much more for students and parents to see once they’ve joined the Jerudong community.

Join the Jerudong Summer Camps

To make the most out of the summer holidays and Jerudong’s amazing campus atmosphere, there are exciting Summer Camps and a Performing Arts Camp taking place in July 2018.

For the Summer Camp, there are three dates open for children to develop their sports, crafts and English-speaking skills. For the Summer Camp 1 session, students arrive on 9th July and finish on the 14th. For Summer Camp 2, the dates are from the 16th July until the 21st July. Finally, for Summer Camp 3, students will arrive at Jerudong on 23rd July and leave on the 28th.

What’s great about these camps is that students can join for one, two or even three weeks. They also have the freedom to switch up their schedules by trying out two weeks of the traditional Summer Camp before opting for the Performing Arts camp. Since Jerudong International believes in the freedom of creativity and expression, it doesn’t restrict any of its learners from reaching their full potential. As such, participants are given the flexibility to choose a camp that suits their personal preference.

With regards to the applicant’s age, children aged 6-9 are welcome to attend the camps, and next door to the school is The Empire Hotel; a space where families like to stay while their children are busy with Jerudong camp activities. For students aged 10-16 years, there’s also the option of residing in phenomenal boarding facilities or join families off-campus.

As for you parents, there’s no reason for you not to have just as much fun as the kids! The hotel accommodates a Jack Nicklaus golf course, a luxurious spa full of ancient treatments and sits next to the crystal blue waters of the South China Sea. With so much on offer, there’s never a dull moment at Jerudong.

Evolve into a leader and a performer

The primary aim of Jerudong International School (JIS) camps is to help students evolve into successful leaders, performers and achievers. This is why the traditional Summer Camp promotes an active learning approach. With two swimming pools, three sports halls, tennis courts, two covered basketball courts and three soccer/rugby pitches – a lot of Jerudong Summer Camp learners choose to unleash their inner athlete.

The Jerudong Summer Camp also involves a substantial amount of arts and crafts activities, baking sessions and a range of community trips to unique locations in Brunei. Lessons at the camp are delivered in English, so it’s also a proactive way for students to brush up on their English speaking, listening and writing expertise.

For those interested in the Performing Arts Camp, you’ll be intrigued to know that this year’s theme is Wonderland. Taking place on the 9th-14th July 2018, this camp will help children build their self-esteem while developing English language and communication skills.

Led by the school’s talented performing arts teacher, Anna Hogan, students will explore the theme of Wonderland in the astounding Jerudong art complex. For younger students, there’s the option to participate in activities that revolve around ‘Alice in Wonderland’, while their older peers might delve into fantasy worlds similar to that seen in the Hunger Games. And if parents decide to stay nearby, they also get the pleasure watching their children shine in theatrical performances.

By learning within Jerudong’s safe and secure study environment, parents and students will receive a 24hr emergency contact number and an informative camp guidebook. There’s even an introductory video for those who are ready to sign up for the Jerudong adventure!

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