Are you fresh out of high school and concerned about your future career? If so, you should recognize the indisputable fact that in a rapidly globalizing world, professional success often hinges on two things: first, an exposure to and understanding of different cultures, and second, proficiency in the English language.

Cultural literary and sensitivity are absolutely essential to a host of professional activities, including marketing campaigns, cross-national business expansion, and staff management. Fluency in English is a must because it is the international lingua franca of business, science and technology. That’s why so many students opt to attend university in a diverse, multicultural country where English is the dominant language.

Indeed, this is the key appeal of institutions like Kennesaw State University. Through its well-regarded Division of Global Affairs (DGA), Kennesaw State promotes intercultural awareness and understanding as well as proficiency in English.


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Consisting of two academic institutes, four academic centers, six university offices, and a central administration office, the DGA’s expansive presence on campus is a reflection of Kennesaw State’s commitment to a stridently global outlook. Nearly 200 employees – including 52 full-time faculty and staff, 68 part-time faculty, and 72 affiliated faculty – work to administer and deliver over 60 international studies programs and more than 100 courses, and organize over 130 distinct international education events.

One of the DGA’s key roles is to bring students and scholars from all over the world to Kennesaw State’s campus through exchanges. Students get an authentic taste of the American experience – with its many quirks and idiosyncrasies – while learning about different cultures through classes, seminars, talks, and discussions. They then return to their home countries with a greater appreciation of cultural differences (and similarities), and are better positioned to adapt to multicultural environments.

At the forefront of DGA’s emphasis on intercultural education is its pioneering “Year Of” country study program. This initiative allows students to learn about a specific country or region over the course of an academic year through lectures, performances, exhibits and films. Students can look forward to talks from scholars, business leaders, and even consular officials. For the 2016-2017 academic year, the program will focus on Russia, but in the past, it has shed light on the Arabian Peninsula, Japan, Turkey, Korea, China, and many other countries and regions.


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English proficiency is also a major priority at Kennesaw State’s DGA. The department’s Intensive English Program (IEP) gives you the opportunity to brush up on your English in preparation for university study in the United States. The university’s IEP offers an excellent range of classes for every kind of English learner, from beginner to advanced, that can be taken either full-time or part-time. Gaining proficiency in English not only makes for a more fulfilling educational experience, but ensures that you are more likely to be hired and to earn more in your future career.

Once you complete the IEP program, you may choose to continue your studies at Kennesaw State, or take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam and enroll in another university. If you do opt for the former and eventually earn a Kennesaw State degree, your search for employment is made so much easier thanks to the university’s outstanding Career Services Center. In addition to job search support, the center can also help you secure an internship at Atlanta-based international corporations such as The Home Depot and Coca-Cola. It also organizes career fairs that bring together employers and students, conduct mock interviews, and give guidance on important aspects of a job application, such as resume writing.

Aside from career help, you can also look forward to plenty of support on campus. If you’re looking to practice your English, you can sign up for the university’s Conversation Partners Program (CPP). This fun, free initiative pairs you with a native English-speaking partner in a mutual exchange of languages, cultures, and friendship. Meeting with your partner at least six times during the semester, it’s also a great way to extend your social network on campus and settle into the campus community.


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And if you need any other sort of assistance, you can always visit the International Student Retention Services (ISRS) office. This friendly office is more than willing to assist with and make referrals regarding admissions, visa concerns, registration, academic support, and more. You can also visit the Global Village, often called the international student’s home away from home. A gathering point for international students, it allows you to socialize with others who are going through the same transition into U.S. university life.

And you’ll have plenty of company on campus – Kennesaw State’s student body is incredibly diverse, drawing from 130 countries. The university is proudly global in its community, programs, and ethos. If you want to be introduced to the world while advancing your career prospects, there are few better universities than Kennesaw State.


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