The Exeter MBA: Designed for aspiring leaders

“Don’t ask what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

As an esteemed higher education provider and member of the UK’s prestigious Russell Group, the University of Exeter Business School presents a student experience that is both rewarding and unforgettable. Here, Business School students learn from the industry’s best, with direct access to some of the globe’s most respected academics, resources and professional-standard facilities.

“We’ve taken just over a decade to establish the University of Exeter Business School as one of the UK’s institutions,” the faculty explains. “…What we have achieved so far is already remarkable – our students at undergraduate, postgraduate and executive levels are consistently measured at the very top of performance indicators; they also rank among the most satisfied and most successfully employed students in the UK,” it adds. “Our students come here from more than 80 different countries and they choose Exeter because they aspire to be the best they can be, and that is exactly our aim.”

The Exeter MBA: Helping students grow – strategically and creatively

Understanding that students will enter a vying graduate world, the Exeter MBA works hard to instil a much needed competitive edge. Here, students reap the benefits of powerful, purposeful leadership, learning how to harness creativity and technology to bolster career prospects. With a view to promoting and supporting sustainable business practice on a long-term, global scale, the programme boldly turns your unique value and impact into a force for positive change.

At the heart of the Exeter MBA lies six distinct themes:

1. Purposeful Leadership

Highlighting the importance of guidance that is conscious, reflective and resolute, the MBA’s leadership development module elevates your business potential. This unit teaches you how to revolutionise the organisational structure from the bottom line up, also granting the competence needed to design first-rate business models and face challenges head-on.

2. Imagination

This is about capturing the strength of your own imagination to develop BIG ideas. By channelling the concepts of urgency, optimism and collaboration, graduates leave fully-equipped to tackle the world’s most pressing issues and stand as a cause for good.

3. Technology

In the ongoing age of information, technology has become integral to success. Leading the 4th Revolution is a comprehensive module the Business School devised to immerse all students in the marvel of technology, urging students to acknowledge that tech-innovation will continue to impact everything we do.

Through your own class project led by experienced entrepreneurs, you will come face-to-face with everything from high-tech investment to the cutting-edge machines of tomorrow’s automated world, empowering you through with an insightful future vision of business yet to come.

“My personal interest lies at the intersection of marketing and technology, and through the MBA’s focus on emerging business models I’ve been able to appreciate how technology and new business models can contribute to a more sustainable world,” says Stephanie Lindan, former student of the MBA who graduated 2016.

“My MBA knowledge with blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence has opened many doors,” she adds. “The programme as a whole allowed me to identify opportunities in the marketplace to create value for companies while solving global business challenges . . . this was my professional aspiration.”

4. Knowledge and Practice

Theory is a factor that stays empty until it has been applied. Recognising this, the Business School emphasises practical and professional application at pretty much every turn, helping you get to grips with even the most complex business functions. Whether it is through consultancy, entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship, your final MBA project allows you to put your knowledge into practice with one of the school’s respected partner organisations, also letting you implement the knowledge and insight drawn from your mentors.

5. Good Business

As an advocate of ethical practice, diversity, tolerance and engagement, Exeter and the MBA represent the pinnacle of sound business custom. These elements have been informed and supported by the university’s ground-breaking research projects, combining to create an MBA curriculum that will remain relevant and impactful.

6. Right for You

If the Exeter MBA is right for you, all you need to do is send your CV and we will set up a phone conversation for you with the MBA Director. If you are admitted, we will work with you to figure out how to finance your Exeter MBA.

“The Exeter MBA builds on our track record of leading innovation in the MBA market,” says Professor David Allen – Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean of the school.

“[It’s] built around the very key set of values that [previously] defined our One Planet MBA and our elite, Russell Group Business School: purposeful leadership, innovation, technology, knowledge and practice.

“We place academic excellence and rigour at the heart of everything we do,” the Professor Allen concludes. “Founded on these core values, the Exeter MBA will ensure you develop as a purposeful leader capable of leveraging innovation and technology to promote good business.”

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