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The Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University has a world-leading reputation for elevating student success. Set in the fast-growing city of Halifax – one of Canada’s emerging boomtowns and the region’s fifth-biggest tech hub – the institution supports a thriving start-up scene and represents the ideal study location for any aspiring business student.

By attaining AACSB Accreditation, the Sobey School of Business has officially been recognized for the excellence of its professional business programs and prestigious faculty. This is the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide, with less than five percent of the world’s business programs receiving this accreditation.

More than 3,300 students come to Sobey, which aims to create tomorrow’s brightest leaders and to generate an impact with purpose. About half of these learners hail from outside Canada. So, if you’re looking for a culturally-inclusive learning environment, look no further! Sobey consistently incorporates global perspectives in every aspect of education, with the intent of fostering a “citizen of the world” attitude in its aspiring leaders.

To highlight some of Sobey’s finest success stories in entrepreneurial excellence, Sobey School of Business released a report in 2016. As stated by the Dean, Patricia Bradshaw, “we recognized early that entrepreneurship is about innovating. It involves a higher level of thinking that is developed with a combination of academic excellence and real-world experience. That’s why students at Saint Mary’s have access to a wide variety of support systems, a tremendous array of courses and extra-curricular programs to support their entrepreneurial spirit.”

Progress with academic programs

For undergraduate students looking for a rigorous and flexible degree, the Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) is bound to suit. This program provides you with essential business knowledge and skills that helps you make a lasting impact in the world.  Through practice-based learning techniques, your studies seamlessly merge with industry expectations.

As part of the BComm degree, you can also major in entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurship Program offers you direct business experience and inspires you to get involved with challenging, relevant workshops, competitions and events. This program is also offered as a co-option.

You may want to push your studies even further and enroll in the Master of Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MTEI). With freedom to create and access to an innovation network, you will advance your skills with extra finance, marketing, leadership, economics and management expertise. What makes this postgraduate pathway so unique is that it enables you to start or grow your start-up as you study. You’ll be earning your masters at the same time as building your personal business; it’s a win-win situation!

If a traditional MBA is more to your liking, you can still specialize in Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprise and Sustainability with the highly-respect Sobey MBA program.

Outside of studies, the school runs programs to help students with their entrepreneurial development. For instance, the Sobey School Business Development Centre (SSBDC) offers the Pipeline program, which walks budding entrepreneurs through a step-by-step business development process. Plus, it offers programs to help start-ups hire students and graduates, thus giving you the option of some front line experience, along with a deeper understanding of what it takes to have your own business, familiarizing yourself with this fast-paced way of life.

In between classes, you can hang out in the Spark Zone; a business idea incubator that nurtures creativity and collaboration, while there’s also a range of Saint Mary’s student clubs for much-needed chill out sessions.

Sobey’s stories of success

Sobey School of Business has a long history of student success. MTEI student, Findlay Hilchie, is an experienced start-up entrepreneur,  gaining much of what he knows from eight years of study at Saint Mary’s.

“I chose SMU because of their reputation and came back for my Masters because of the quality of the education I received during my undergrad. The instructors here are accommodating and they coach you in competition settings. Being educated at SMU sets you up for better success.”

“…even after you leave, the alumni network is still there to support you. Aside from classroom focused education, the competitions that you are exposed to, the guest lectures and the staff here at Sobey School will all take you to that next level.”

Sobey MBA graduates and winners of a Retail Concept competition, Ana Farell and Santiago Behar, also felt as though Saint Mary’s business school helped them become successful innovators.

As Santiago states, “the school’s programs are focused on leadership and critical thinking, which is determinant for entrepreneurship. Halifax is a great city for students and nearly 80% of my MBA classmates got a job there after graduation.”

“Additionally, if you want to launch your own business then you should get involved with SMU Venture Grade. While being a member of this program you’ll get more access to venture capitalists in one year than any regular entrepreneur would be able to get in a lifetime!”

Alongside Findlay, Ana and Santiago, there are many more Sobey BComm graduates currently running entrepreneurial ventures of their own. For instance, co-founder Daniel Code-MacNeil has gone on to achieve start-up success with Lootbag, while alumni member Greg Patey recently sold his STI healthcare company for US$3M. Evidently, Sobey School of Business will help you evolve into a successful entrepreneur and set you up for life!

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