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The first wave of personal computers, developed by the brightest entrepreneurs of their time – including Bill Gates and Paul Allen with Microsoft, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak with the first Apple Computer, and internationally-known technological powerhouse, IBM, who ushered in a period known as the Digital Revolution. The rampant growth of the Digital Revolution set the pace for years to come and marked the beginning of the Information Age, i.e. a fast-paced, technology-centered world that has become the driving force of social evolution.

In a time where convenience and speed are pretty much the crux of our standard of living, changes are happening rampantly and almost too quickly across all industries, making self-upgrading an increasingly critical engagement to perform. As such, it has become more apparent over the past decade for us to be continuously on the pursuit of advance knowledge and skills. The value of adopting a life-long learning attitude is crucial is this day and age.

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At East Asia Institute of Management, or EASB, staff seek to provide students with the ‘Four Cs’ for professional success: Competent, Confident, Committed and Creative, through its industry-driven and rigorous curriculum, and dedicated education practitioners. EASB, a four-year EduTrust-certified private education institution or PEI in Singapore.is registered with the Committee for Private Education Singapore, under the Singapore Private Education Act (2009) since May 2010. In 2003, EASB was among the first batch of PEIs to be awarded the Singapore Quality Class-PEO Certification and was re-awarded the Certification in 2008. In 2012, EASB achieved the Singapore Quality Class, which was renewed in 2016.

This year, EASB’s direction is for students to Learn, Innovate and Succeed in today’s increasingly disruptive world, as the institution equips each learner with the advance knowledge and skills to better cope with a highly globalized and technologically-advanced world.

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EASB provides a comprehensive range of Bachelors and Masters/MBA programmes across major disciplines in partnership with four UK universities, namely, Aston University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Edinburgh Business School (Heriot-Watt University) and Queen Margaret University. Major disciplines include Hospitality and Tourism Management, Business Management, Accounting, Banking & Finance, Logistics, Marketing, Business Information Systems, Psychology, Medical Bioscience, and many more.

EASB aims to provide and make accessible high-quality education experiences for all who aspire to succeed, regardless of nationality, background or circumstances, helping every individual unleashes his / her  full potential.

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