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Dover Court International School: An international approach to student development

When Ishita from India moved to Singapore with her family, she did not expect it to be one of the biggest breakthroughs of her life. She enrolled in Dover Court International School (DCIS) in Year 9; now, Ishita is excelling in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), and she has gone from being the new student to becoming Head Student.

“It was interesting to meet students and teachers from different nations and cultures. It has been amazing to have the opportunity to interact with a diverse student body, to get new perspectives and be exposed to a wide range of opinions representing different parts of the world,” Ishita shares.

A caring, community-oriented institution, DCIS prepares students to lead with compassion by establishing genuine connections. Students benefit from learning the English National Curriculum and IBDP in an international school — an environment which truly brings out the best in children.

Research by the British Council shows international education can improve self-esteem, relationships, and behaviour. It can also nurture positive attitudes to social diversity, and promote greater learning engagement overall. This goes hand-in-hand with the DCIS philosophy of teaching the whole child through promoting maximum academic, social, spiritual and physical development.

Dover Court International School

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Growing through diversity at Dover Court International School

Communication is key in any multicultural community, which is why DCIS places an emphasis on language learning. Here, students effectively learn languages at every stage of their education, whether it is English or Mandarin. They prepare for a global lifestyle and career by pursuing structured learning that is easily transferable to any corner of the world.

That’s partly what drew Shravana to study the IBDP at DCIS. As an aspiring singer, she benefits from the rich performing arts education here, especially from the school’s partnership with The Juilliard School in the US. “I have broader views now as I have had more exposure to different values and cultures, and I know what I stand true to as well as what I can adopt from these other cultures,” she shares.

Ishita concurs, saying, “IB teachers counsel us when we are stressed, and keep motivating us to achieve us to the best of our abilities. They have helped me tap into my potential in an environment of peace, harmony, and connection.”

As Student Council leader, Ishita works with other students and teachers to coordinate efforts across various teams. DCIS has inspired her to believe that everyone, however ordinary, can achieve extraordinary things with the right mindset, dedication and passion.

Dover Court International School

Source: Dover Court International School

“My experience has immensely impacted my personal growth and shaped me into the person I am today,” she testifies. “This experience will definitely benefit me at university as I have had the opportunity to seek insights from a wide range of people with different backgrounds, which has helped me establish my own self values and principles.”

Keeping community-centric education alive

Both Ishita and Shravana find Singapore the ideal place to live and learn in. Besides being known for having one of the most well-respected, rigorous education systems in the world, it also boasts a multicultural community including expatriates from all around the world. Here, responsibility and care for the environment go hand-in-hand with global education.

This ethos is reflected at DCIS, which has been committed to ensuring continuous education in the time of COVID-19. “The school has created opportunities for us to have fun even in the midst of the pandemic. I really enjoyed Halloween this year in which the school was fully decorated and we all came in costumes,” Shravana attests.

Dover Court International School

Source: Dover Court International School

Beyond such events, DCIS students can engage and collaborate with fellow Nord Anglia students around the world through a virtual learning environment called Global Campus. Students of all ages can connect and learn via self-directed projects and expert-guided activities, tapping into collaborations with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Julliard School, and UNICEF.

Students have endless opportunities to not only explore their passion but grow from everyday interaction. Speak to Shravana, and it’s clear she displays maturity beyond her years. “As much as our different ideologies and backgrounds allow us to learn from one another, it may clash sometimes as we have different values. I take what I feel is beneficial for me to grow and have an open mind and reflect on the parts I don’t necessarily agree with.”

That’s precisely the experience you sign your child up for by enrolling them in Dover Court International School. Here, learning takes a human-first, community-centred approach, which sets the right foundation to shape positive changemakers in society. Isn’t that the future every parent wants for their child?

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