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Aoba-Japan International School

Schools today are encouraging question-based learning to help students solve 21st century challenges and prepare for an uncertain future. There is a clear shift from teacher-centred learning to explorative learning whereby students are taught to learn independently and think critically.

Through recent innovations in technology, a number of schools are also incorporating technology within the classroom to familiarise students with the latest technology, such as artificial intelligence and robotics.

Schools are also incorporating more SEL (social and emotional learning) activities so students develop skills needed for the future such as empathy, interpersonal communication and decision-making.

Traditional teaching methods such as rote learning and standardised testing are becoming outdated as international schools are leaning towards more self-directed learning and critical thinking to meet a future in which repetitive work, and even highly skilled work, will increasingly be done by robots.

The global and diverse environment in an international school also prepares students for future workplaces and collaborative environments that cross geographical boundaries.

Here are four international schools in Asia that are developing future leaders who are well-prepared to utilise the transferable skills learned in school.


As an IB Continuum World School, this Japanese institution is developing global leaders who can lead positive change in the world in the future through innovative teaching methods.


Aoba-Japan International School

Through its unique Core Values, the school is developing 21st century learners who possess the necessary skills to thrive in the future.

For example, it aims to develop Global Leaders who can take action through a holistic, balanced, and reflective framework so they can adopt perspectives related to physical, managerial, psychological, political, cultural and spiritual domains.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are also Core Values through which the school encourages students to be socially responsible and think innovatively.

Here, learners are also encouraged to be effective communicators, becoming active thinkers and attentive listeners with the confidence to express their ideas.

Lastly, as Wise Risk Takers, students are encouraged to attempt new things to achieve their goals, teaching them to view solutions instead of problems and possibilities instead of obstacles.

Supporting these Core Values, the school reinforces holistic learning through visual and performing arts, sports and athletics.

Through educational technology and digital tools on campus, students also learn how to be comfortable with technology and use them responsibly while building digital literacies.


Located in Seoul, Korea, Seoul Foreign School (SFS) is well-established as one of the oldest international schools in the world.

SFS continuously integrated innovation education practices from around the world to prepare students for the future and ensure they receive a cutting-edge education.

A world-class campus and exceptional state-of-the-art facilities allow students to learn in an immersive and holistic environment.

future leaders

Seoul Foreign School

SFS recognises the importance of arts education, as there are three theatre facilities and arts instructions spaces where students can express themselves and hone creative skills.

Students are encouraged to take part in concerts, performances and exhibitions such as Grease, Romeo and Juliet and The Addams Family.

As for academics, students can either learn through the International Baccalaureate curriculum or the English National Curriculum.

Whichever one they choose, they learn the relevant skills needed for the future such as creativity, teamwork and adaptability.

The welcoming and diverse community accepts all students, so the population is a mix of cultures from all over the world. Students learn cultural awareness, intercultural competence, and gain international perspective through interactions with their peers and faculty members.


Located in Hong Kong, this leading school has a strong academic reputation and fosters a close-knit student community.

The school aims to develop global citizens, teaching students how to play a positive role in society. There are opportunities for them to participate in global leadership forums such as Model United Nations and Global Issues Network conferences.

They also learn how to be effective communicators, demonstrating high proficiencies in English through Language Arts programmes.

Students have the chance to take part in the Visual and Performing Arts, whereby many excel in AP Art exams and rank highly in Southeast Asia Band Festivals.

The school also inspires real-world problem solvers who think critically, demonstrated through outstanding SAT results and recognition as AP Scholars from the US College Board.

There is also Adventure Week – an integral part of the outdoor education and leadership programme at the school where education is enhanced through hands-on and tactile learning activities.

Through all this and more, students become well-rounded individuals ready to develop further in university life and beyond.


One of the top international schools in Singapore, the vision here is to inspire students to create their own unique futures and become global citizens.

Stamford American International School

Through the IB Learner Profile of the International Baccalaureate programme, integrated with US Standards and College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) courses, students develop skills such as adaptability, innovative thinking, communication and problem-solving.

Because of this, students who graduate from this school have multiple pathways to overseas education all over the world.

There are also extensive sports facilities so that students receive a well-rounded experience, such as three swimming pools, two air-conditioned sports arenas, rooftop tennis courts, dance studios, rock-climbing walls, Golf Academy, and a multi-purpose outdoor sports field.

For the Arts, there is a 500-seat professional theatre where students take part in ten annual theatre productions.

Students here develop in all aspects, well-positioned to become capable and dynamic leaders in any field they choose when they further their studies at university. 

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