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DePauw University: Build the right foundation for lifelong success

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Situated in Greencastle, Indiana — just a 45-minute drive west of Indianapolis — is the vast campus of DePauw University.

This is no ordinary campus; for one, it includes a 520-acre nature park and at least nine miles of trails. Then there’s the Historic East College, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Its legacy traces all the way back to 1877.

For more than 175 years, DePauw University has combined high-quality academic programmes with rich social experiences to prepare students not just for their future careers, but for life.

For students aiming for personal and professional success, they are at the right place. The university employs several strategies to make their liberal arts graduates in-demand, versatile and fulfilled.

The first is its calculated efforts to build a diverse student body — of the 2,300 students enrolled, 13% are international students . What this facilitates is a truly global interaction both in and out of the classroom. What is more, the university ranks fourth in the nation for the number of students studying abroad, which promises a study experience beyond borders.

The second is the calibre and dedication of faculty members and staff here. Over 200 expert faculty members help hone young minds with knowledge and skills for a bright future. Over at the Kathryn F. Hubbard Center for Student Engagement Center, staff help students secure internships with Fortune 500 companies. Alumni members often contribute too, helping students looking for job placements or connections.

It’s no surprise, then, that DePauw graduates are the movers and shakers in some of the world’s most respected companies, organisations and governments — DePauw counts among its alumni former US vice presidents, civil rights activists, Pulitzer-winning journalists and more.

As the only US university that guarantees a 100% graduate success rate through its Gold Commitment programme, DePauw University shapes students into their best selves. By the time they graduate, students would have engaged in internships and study abroad opportunities, and have a variety of employment or graduate school options.

DePauw graduates enter their industry full of potential, carrying on the legacy of an established American institution.

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