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DeGroote School of Business: A better MBA awaits

An MBA is more than just a degree or a credential. It’s about exploring opportunities, fulfilling your passion, and networking to form lifelong friendships and connections. That is the belief behind McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business. No matter which part of your career you are at, achieving an MBA can open new doors, and this school certainly has had much success in that department.

From the MBA class of 2022, 95% secured employment within three months of graduation and the average base salary three months post-graduation is 82,464 Canadian dollars. Around 34% of graduates went into financial services with an average salary of CA$82,907, whereas 17% are in consulting making around CA$87,722 and 11% in technology make an average of CA$95,167.

As for the connections made at the school? Priceless. The DeGroote School of Business values engagement, bridging connections between students as well as with the faculty. “The highlight of my DeGroote journey so far is actually the mini gatherings in between and after classes,” says full-time student Nathaniel Abogada. “We all have heavy school and workloads, but it’s the stories, experiences and tips we share with each other that I really like and still look forward to.” Whichever MBA pathway meets your goals and needs – you can use the links formed as stepping stones to a better future.

What makes DeGroote School of Business’s graduates so successful in landing their dream jobs are the unique working experiences forged here, especially for those who opt for the full-time DeGroote MBA (with Co-op). This programme fuses traditional classroom learning with up to 12 months of paid work experience, an integral addition to building your professional portfolio. Ninety-eight percent of students secured work in their first work term, achieved with the help of the Career and Professional Development (CPD) team. The average salary of students over those three working terms is CA$47,000.

As Canada’s largest and oldest Co-op programme, it’s established many links with organisations fear and far. Hence why students can opt to go on exchange, a stint that prepares them for a global economy and ensures they stand out in today’s competitive job market.

“I found a strong parity between what DeGroote offers and what my interests are,” says Rey Kindar Jr. Cale, a 2021 graduate. “I was interested in pursuing a programme that has experiential learning and real-world case analyses. DeGroote’s Co-op MBA programme brings focus on laying a strong foundation in business fundamentals together with exposure to real business challenges.”

The integrated learning has been helpful to many students, especially those who only have a couple of years of experience. “My exposure to various critical business aspects such as finance, marketing, strategy, and management in classroom and Co-op internships, added significantly to my prior abilities,” adds Cale. “My motivation to pursue an MBA back then was the vision to lead a company that provides sustainable and environment-friendly energy amid technological change and a global redistribution of economic activities. I am now back in the energy sector and starting to work towards achieving that vision.”

For Vietnamese graduate Nhat Tan Hoang, the programme enabled him to learn more about himself as he was in a foreign country. “Understanding more about myself allows me to identify areas which I am good at and areas which I need to improve. This helps me to stay motivated and maintain the ‘willing to learn’ attitude. Moreover, the MBA helped me sharpen important business skills such as communication, planning, and time management skills.”

The practical experiences at DeGroote School of Business expand into more altruistic areas as well. In 2014, candidates began working with local charities to answer a tough question: what should a charity do with CA$5,000? Pitching in for Charity — what the programme has been called since — tests theoretical knowledge as students present solutions and advice to a panel of judges made up of peers, faculty, staff, alumni, as well as corporate and community partners. The best-judged solutions win the monetary prize for the charity they represent,

Whether you decide to do a full-time MBA or MBA with Co-op, you will be able to apply for a Canadian Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP), issued for the length of your programme. Students who have graduated from eligible Canadian designated learning institutions (DLIs) can get a work permit for work experience in Canada. Once you have completed your programme, you are allowed to work while waiting on the decision for your post-graduation work permit application.

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