Curtin University Malaysia: Connecting students through global mobility

A centrepiece of the global collection of Curtin universities, Curtin University Malaysia in the tropical surroundings of Sarawak is an academic paradise for those who dare to explore.

With its universal footprint, this university has partner institutions in Perth, Dubai, Mauritius and Singapore, and as a result, prioritises student mobility.

Rising to 250th place in the 2018-2019 QS World University Rankings and celebrating 20 years of academic excellence, Curtin is famed for its high academic achievements. If you opt for this idyllic campus in the sandy suburbs of Sarawak, you’ll experience both an education and study destination that surpasses expectations.

Boundless exploration in beautiful Borneo

Pairing your university education with the chance to explore beautiful Borneo sounds like a dream to most international students, but for those at Curtin, it’s a reality!

Introducing the Curtin Malaysia Campus; reflecting Sarawak’s natural environment of year-round tropical greenery and bountiful wildlife, the ambience of the campus is tranquil and conducive for both work and study.

“Students at Curtin Malaysia can find everything they need right on campus. In addition to the library and laboratories, our campus boasts several study areas, a choice of food outlets, postal and banking facilities, a campus bookshop, convenience store, health and first aid centres, an Islamic Centre and a transport hub”.

Source: Curtin University, Malaysia

Located in Miri, the second-largest city in Sarawak, you’ll study from a valuable vantage point. A prosperous and cosmopolitan hub to network your skills, you’ll also be in close proximity to study escapes such as the Miri-Sibuti Coral Reef National Park and the UNESCO World Heritage site at Gunung Mulu National Park.

Learning for tomorrow

Committed to ’Learning for Tomorrow’, Curtin Malaysia doesn’t just conduct lectures in the classroom.

Instead, the university has introduced innovative technologies that transform the delivery of education to increase student engagement and active learning.

Among these methods is the introduction of distributed learning spaces that allow for a mix of web-based instruction, live-stream video conferencing, face-to-face class time and distance learning through television or video.

“As we move forward, we hope to convert all relevant teaching spaces to possess these capacities. Our students expect such developments and indeed it is an industry trend to offer the latest in technologically-based pedagogies,” explains Curtin Sarawak’s Professor Mienczakowski.

In the education sector, technology has transformed the way people access information, communicate and learn. These influences are important and therefore, students at this university in Sarawak are still connected to current trends and technologies from the comfort of its lakeside campus.

Source: Curtin University, Malaysia

To increase student mobility, Curtin Malaysia continues to make significant investments in modern computing and networking facilities. The campus currently has extensive computer labs for student use and sophisticated IT linkages to provide access to the online resources at the main campus in Perth.

When you join Curtin, you join an international family

Globetrotting students at Curtin continuously embrace the Study Abroad programme.

Allowing you to study at a Curtin campus for one or two semesters, you could end up travelling to Mauritius, PerthSingapore or Dubai.

Study cohorts from the Perth campus who take up summer intensives in Borneo Cultural Studies, and students coming through the  New Colombo Plan, add to the diversity and global campus character of Curtin University. The Malaysian campus is poised to offer mobility programmes to a wider range of students. Travel Writing and Photography is another module that’s attracting mobility students.

There’s also the student exchange programme, where your International Student exchange office will liaise with Curtin’s Student Exchange office about your placement at Curtin and arrange the exchange.

Or, you can study a Curtin course through the university’s strong network of affiliates worldwide. Delivering courses at education institutions in China, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore, you have the option to study a degree in your home country without the expense of living away from home!

No matter what, if you choose Curtin Malaysia, you’ll feel right at home through the various activities run by the International Student Association (ISA).

Source: Curtin University, Malaysia

President of the International Students’ Association, Mohamed Mohamoud Hawadleh is fully aware of the emphasis Curtin places on student integration.

“I’m glad to welcome all of the new upcoming students to Curtin University Malaysia! It’s a new chapter of your life, where doors of opportunities, personal growth and self-development have opened – and we in ISA believe that diversity is the foundation stone that our association was built on.”

By strengthening its international student network, Curtin Malaysia is motivated by diversity, inclusivity and mobility.

Plus, by expanding its presence through strategic international partnerships, alliances and integrated campuses in the Middle East, the Indian Ocean Region and Africa, and building deeper relationships through existing collaborations in Europe, here, you’re at the heart of collaboration.

Mobilising talent for better growth in the awe-inspiring wilderness of Sarawak, Curtin Malaysia provides students with an international family they can always depend on.

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