Creating the leaders of tomorrow

The world is changing. New careers are constantly emerging and with these careers comes a need for a new set of skills and the ability to adapt to the market and community around you.

Tilton School provides a personalized learning process that uses an authentic, intentional investigation and assessment of a student’s aptitudes, skills, interests, and strengths. When students become truly aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, Tilton believes they are more engaged in setting meaningful goals and paths. An opportunity for self-discovery serves as a link to confidence, independence, and joy. This personalized experience awakens a drive to know more, specifically in areas of significant interest and passion, resulting in a greater depth of knowledge.

As new students join Tilton School, their skills, interests and strengths are assessed regardless of the grade they are entering. Using this insightful information, students work individually with their advisor to create a personalized Guided Program of Study (GPS).

Created for and by each student in partnership with their advisor, the Guided Program of Study allows learners to discover who they truly are, unravelling talents and strengths that allow them to become a leader not only in the classroom, but in every aspect of  life.

Faculty and students work together to explore and investigate student interests through learning outside of the classroom. Here, students are connecting to and realizing their passions by getting hands-on, exploring real-life issues, and connecting with the larger community.

A Tilton School education gives graduates  a powerful sense of purpose that ensures that no matter how much the world changes, they leave with  the essential skills and motivation to positively contribute to the world as lifelong learners, finding joy and fulfillment in creating meaningful change.

Students are not just challenged to reach their own power of potential, they also gain the skills needed to lead others and impact the world.

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