COVID-19 resource links for international students in the UK
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If you’re worried about COVID-19 as most of the world is, rest assured that universities are keeping your education, health and well-being in mind. Everyone, students included, have a duty to stay informed, which is key in reducing the spread of the virus. Below we provide some useful links for students in UK universities to stay updated and stay safe

Office for Students

The Office for Students (OfS) is working with the Department for Education and with universities and colleges to ensure you have the information and guidance you need. This page focuses on information about higher education. For other information about coronavirus, for example about the precautions you should be taking, and what to do if you think you may have coronavirus, please read the guidance from Public Health England.

British Council

British Council provides updated information for current and future international students. It also has a dedicated page for starting your degree in 2020, as well as links to further sources of advice and support for visas, travel and health and wellbeing.

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service COVID 19 updates

With key documents, updates on any news and events, this site will keep you up to speed with any ongoing happenings in regards to the pandemic.

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Shoppers, some wearing masks because of the coronavirus pandemic, are seen in the centre of Cardiff on October 23, 2020. Source: Geoff Caddick/AFP

The UK government’s “Guidance on higher education: reopening buildings and campuses” includes advice on the importance of good ventilation; when and where face coverings may be required; performing arts; and more. For advice on visas by customers and applicants, in and outside of the UK, check out the government guidance here. General government guidance on the coronavirus pandemic can be found here.

Universities UK

This page addresses queries about the way the COVID-19 outbreak is affecting the international work of UK universities, their international students, staff and partners and aspirants looking to study in the UK in the near future.

If you want to know how other top universities around the world are handling the pandemic, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Oxbridge or Stanford University, this is the page for it. 

UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA)

What are UK universities and colleges offering this autumn? How will periods of overstay be regarded? What are the travel and self-isolation procedures on arrival in the UK? These are the questions UKCISA is able to answer now. For questions they are yet able to answer, they have asked the Home Office (UKVI) for policies and information.

National Health Service (NHS)

If you need to know how to get tested in the UK, where to download the NHS COVID-19 tracing app or how to take part in health research parties, head to the NHS’s dedicated COVID-19 page.