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Compass International School Doha: Pathway to the world’s best universities

Aisha Serepdin got her start to a successful and rewarding future at Compass International School Doha (CISD). Aisha spent more than seven years at Compass — first at the Gharafa campus, then at the Madinat Khalifa campus — where she found stimulating learning environments, highly qualified teachers and truly global experiences.

Looking back at one of her favourite memories, the annual International Week, she says, “There was so much joy during that one week of each year; everyone would dress up, bring food, and perform,” she shares. “My positive experience during my primary school years is what drove me to attend high school at CISD again.”

She completed her IGCSEs and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at CISD, scoring 42 points and placing in the top 2% of IB students worldwide. Today, she’s part of a medical programme at Weill Cornell Medical School in Doha, Qatar — her first-choice university — and on her way to pursue the career of her dreams.

Compass International School Doha

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The internal assessments for chemistry, biology, and psychology, as well as the writing assignments for English at CISD are helping her with her lab reports and essays these days. “A lot of education programmes teach a lot of material, but what makes the IB special is the emphasis on essays and write-ups,” she shares. “Anyone can memorise books of information, but not everyone can understand the impact of what they learned and how to link the information that they have learned to a different topic.” She credits her CISD teachers for providing her with this vital skill set.

Serepdin’s journey reflects the finest of a Nord Anglia education, defined by how it fosters academic, social and personal success for every student. In 2020, students at Nord Anglia Education schools achieved a 94% pass rate — well above the global average of 77.4%. The average point score for Nord Anglia students was 33.7 points, compared to the global average of 29.9 points. This marks the seventh consecutive year that Nord Anglia schools have outperformed global average scores by more than 10%.

This success continues CISD’s excellent track record. In 2019, CISD achieved its highest ever average score, 32 points out of a possible 45. The average score was 8% higher than the IB global average of 29.63 points, widening the gap between CISD and other IB schools around the world.

In the 2017-18 academic year, CISD student Audrey Palosse achieved 40 points, placing her in the top 8% of IBDP students globally and in the previous year, Mujahid Khan achieved 41 points, placing him in the top 4% of IBDP students globally.

The school’s IBDP results are strong, and students are well-prepared, both academically and emotionally, to go on to study at some of the best universities in the world, including Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard and Stanford. Compass will graduate its first A-Levels class in 2022 and is expecting similarly robust results.Q

Dedicated and inspiring teachers

The IBDP and A Level can be challenging and require lots of motivation to do well — CISD makes it easy with teaching that is tailored to help students get the most out of their programme.

“Being a student at Compass International School Doha (CISD) is like being in your own home — with teachers who know you personally and your stages of learning,” says Abeer El Sheikh, a year 12 A Level student at the new state-of-the-art Themaid campus, Compass International School Doha.

CISD is part of the Nord Anglia Education family of schools with 69 partner schools across the world located in 29 countries. The School’s collaborations with world-leading organisations such as The Juilliard School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and UNICEF mean there are no limits to achievement, academically, socially and personally.

Compass International School Doha

Source:Compass International School Doha

Here, students learn beyond grades, build character and reach their full, unique potential. Teachers nurture intellectual curiosity and embolden each learner to flourish as a principled, open-minded, and compassionate member of a global community. “I feel it’s more like a family at CISD. Every teacher cares for their students and the students care for the other students,” enthuses student Ahmed Abdullah. “If I have any questions, Mr. Stephen Caple is reachable at all times. We just email him and he responds the next day or when he’s free.”

From online debates and challenges, to expeditions to the savannah of Tanzania or to the Swiss Alps, CISD students are always on the move, and constantly collaborating with their peers around the world. “In Year 10, I had travelled to Tanzania and helped build a home for a local teacher and went on the Silver Adventurous Journey in Nepal the year after. Neither of these trips were luxurious, but they were perfect because they pushed us out of our comfort zone which led to stronger friendships being formed,” Serepdin recalls. To learn more about how CISD is a pathway to the world’s best universities, click here.

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