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No matter where you're studying in the world, take control of your storytelling practice with this collaborative writing app. Source: pparnxoxo/Unsplash

Are you a student who finds joy in storytelling and wants to share a world of writing with others? If the answer’s yes, this collaborative writing app is definitely worth a watch.

Promoting innovative plots and creative chapter adds, this free platform named Story Wars is a smart way to get your writing and reading skills off the ground – especially if you’re looking to improve your understanding of the English language!


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Write a draft for chapter 9

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How will collaborative writing benefit my learning?

Studying abroad in a new country with a new language is scary for many international students.

If the core language spoken at university is English and you’re struggling with the reading and writing elements, this free app can help refine your sentence structure and will grant you the space to experiment with your content creation.

When one user starts a story, you have the chance to continue it. Word by word, you’ll build the story’s narrative and then pass it on to another user to try.

The finished product will be a complete story, and you’ll be a co-author!

Even if it’s a small, short story, you’ll still practice your communication skills and nurture your narrative voice.

Share your story with this collaborative writing app! Source: Takafumi Yamashita/Unsplash

Without demanding too much time from your study schedule, you’re free to write as much or as little as you please.

“As cliché as it is, the best way to enjoy Story Wars is to have fun. Writing is a powerful, enjoyable, and amazing experience, and take joy in being able to do it with others. So, while this site helps in improving your writing, and can help you produce incredible works of collaboration, the main thing we want you to achieve is to have fun,” a Story Wars administrator explains.

Of course, when learning is fun, it takes away the stress and grants you an outlet to express your inner imagination. Instead of being pinned down by time-straining tasks, you can simply open the app when you want and check out other people’s stories or add to another.

This may even inspire you to write stories outside the app and to utilise your improved reading and writing skills at university.


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Story Wars app in action

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Featured on Google Chrome, the app has gained notoriety for its playful experimentation with story sharing.

It’s user-friendly, meaning setting up an account is simple. You can either make a username and enter an email address and password, or just connect through a Google or Facebook account.

Adhering to the Story Wars rules is also crucial for an enjoyable creative process.

Just like universities, this app doesn’t accept plagiarism.

You must also keep your story open-ended, unless you’re adding in conclusion – and this is a collaborative process so remember that you’re writing together with others!

If you have a story to tell or a chapter to add, why not give it a go and enhance your study skills further?

For further information about Story Wars and the story behind the platform, click here.

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