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Clarkson University: Developing computer science experts through project-based learning

Clarkson University is known for degrees that are both academically strong and respected by employers. One such programme is Clarkson’s new project-based MS in Computer Science. The new degree offers the same intellectual rigor of the university’s thesis-based research master’s, but gives students more freedom to choose elective coursework in line with employer demands in the IT field.

The brand-new option can we completed online, onsite at the Potsdam, New York campus, or a combination of the two –– making it a flexible choice for professionals with commitments. The programme is unique as it can be customised to suit various professional goals and aspirations.

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Notes Chris Lynch, professor of computer science and graduate chair. “This programme is good for working students because they can tailor their studies to what they are doing at their jobs,” he explains. “They benefit from learning new skills. At the same time, they show their value to their employers.”

The 30-credit hour programme is offered by the Department of Computer Science and the Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The collaboration ensures students can cover a wide variety of topics from both departments –– ranging from the theoretical to the applied –– in approximately two years.

The master’s was designed to provide aspiring computer scientists with an education that extends beyond the fundamentals. It explores advancements in the theory of computation and algorithms, computer systems and networks, programming languages, software development, artificial intelligence, and applications.

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Having a strong foundation in data structures and algorithms, discrete mathematics, computer organisation, as well as programming, will also put candidates in good stead for the MS in Computer Science programme.Students of various undergraduate backgrounds are welcome to apply for this future-focused programme at Clarkson, a university nationally ranked for its computer science offerings. The MS in Computer Science programme has accepted students with backgrounds in chemistry, mechanical engineering, and computer engineering in recent years. Students can also take some undergraduate prerequisites to fill in any knowledge gaps.

Students who would like to tailor their studies to their personal and professional interests can do so through the programme’s project-based option. This project-based learning option enables them to apply research –– one of Clarkson’s strengths as a university –– directly in the field, putting theory into practice. Some projects are even completed in corporate or government offices, giving those without experience a chance to increase their professional potential.

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Source: Clarkson University

“For international students who want to come to the US for professional growth and opportunities, the final project gives them a chance to solve a concrete computer science problem and share it with prospective employers after they graduate,” explains Professor Lynch.

Upon completion, international students will also be given a chance to continue gaining industry experience in the US. Graduates are eligible to apply for the Optional Practical Training Extension for STEM Students (STEM OPT), which could enable them to spend a total of three years working and living in the US.

A project-based MS in Computer Science can prepare graduates for new roles, better position them for a promotion, or stand out in the competitive job market. The experiential programmes at Clarkson were designed to ensure these outcomes.

“Project-based master’s degrees at Clarkson take the best of our research expertise and our strong reputation for turning out career-ready professionals,” explains Michelle Crimi, dean of the Clarkson Graduate School.

“Through world-relevant curricula and engagement with leaders in industry, business, and education, you will deepen your knowledge base to accelerate your ideas into innovative products and processes, and lead organisations that have impact.”

If this is what you’re looking to achieve as a computer scientist, request more about the programme here .

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