Are you searching for career-boosting courses in Australia?

If so, then you’ll find what you’re looking for at Charles Sturt University Study Centres.

For 25 years, Charles Sturt University and Study Group have been in partnership to provide hands-on, practical courses to help international students reach their personal and professional potential.

In 2019, students from Charles Sturt University Study Centres received 811 Academic Achievement Awards, 147 Executive Dean’s Awards for outstanding results, 31 Outstanding Research Awards and five prestigious University medals.

With locations in the heart of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney Central Business Districts, Charles Sturt University Study Centres connect students to exciting career opportunities through industry connections and the Study Group Australia Pty Limited’s 12-week post-graduate internship.

According to Business Course Coordinator Gana Pathmanathan, students also get access to “very committed and passionate lecturers that supply industry knowledge.

“The skills they learn are also the skills that are transferable to any job. So, they’ll acquire communication skills, teamwork skills and presentation skills, which are equally as valuable as the actual content that they’re learning”.

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Source: Charles Sturt University Study Centres

A distinct study culture

Most graduates agree that the learning culture at Charles Sturt University Study Centres is in a league of its own.

One such graduate is co-founder and CIO of online tax return platform POP Tax Mojtaba Jafari.

Originally from Iran, Mojtaba chose to study a Master of Information Technology at the Sydney centre over four years ago.

Until today, he still remembers the inspiring group of people he was surrounded with then.

“During my Master’s programme, I met so many different people, different professors and I’m still in touch with them – I got inspired by them, they have amazing ideas,” he said.

Whether that meant volunteering at the Study Centres or working hard to secure his first role at the financial management company Quantum Group after graduation, Mojtaba always felt motivated to do more.

He also taught some students at the Study Centres, an experience that pushed him to learn more and one he describes as “the best thing” he ever did.

“It’s the right place to be,” Mojtaba said.

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Source: Charles Sturt University Study Centres

Where your career comes first

Drawn to the Centre’s hands-on, practical approach, Pratibha made the move from Nepal to Melbourne to pursue a Master of Professional Accounting.

“There’s quite a difference between the study culture there [Nepal] and right here. It’s worlds apart. Here, they help you to study, to develop professionally, and you are given all the resources you need,” she says.

Through the course that is accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA) and CPA Australia, she is gaining practical skills for the fields of economics, business and accounting. If she passes a set list of subjects, she will qualify for ICAA and CPA Australia membership.

Pratibha continues: “There is also an internship programme available, so right after graduation, I’m planning to apply for it. Then after that I would like to get a job or experience in the field that I’m studying.”

She also credited the facilities and services provided here, saying they have “really helped me to learn and adapt to the learning and working culture here in Australia”.

An unforgettable journey

Finance and Accounting Lecturer Ruhina Karim has always helped international students like Pratibha and Mojtaba to adjust to their new lives in Australia.

“International students have a lot more challenges in front of them, which the domestic students may not. There is a big cultural difference,” she says.

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Source: Charles Sturt University Study Centres

Before she started teaching at the Centre, Ruhina worked in the banking sector in various areas.

Today, she offers students the theoretical knowledge, academic expertise and professional experience that she gained from the banking sector.

Ruhina said: “My philosophy has always been that when the students are with me at the beginning of a class, they are starting a journey.

“And in that journey, they come with all different objectives. What I try to do is make that journey very interesting and engaging for them”.

Always going the extra mile, Ruhina demonstrates the compassion and commitment that Charles Sturt University Study Centres staff have for their students.

And with 25 years of exceptional educational success to show, it’s no surprise that the Charles Sturt University Study Centres attract talent from all corners of the globe.

So if you want to start an unforgettable journey of your own at Charles Sturt University Study Centres, visit the Study Centres website to view your opportunities in Australia’s most exciting cities.

Career success awaits.

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