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Central European University: Career-readying Political Science master’s degrees

For nine consecutive years, programmes by the Department of Political Science at Central European University (CEU) have been ranked among the world’s best. It is currently 26th in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023: Politics. What these rankings tell us is that CEU performed well in several areas, including excellence, productivity and impact in research as well as reputation among employers.

It’s a success made possible by CEU’s diversity. Students come from over 100 countries and faculty members represent more than 30 nations. An effective study of politics requires many and varied world views — something that the department has in spades. With a community that comes from many backgrounds, studying here means taking part in lively debates enriched by unique perspectives. This is where you’ll find multiple answers to questions like “What makes a protest movement truly powerful?” and “Can privacy survive the digital age?”

“I’ve been in many different universities in the world, but I have never seen such a level of intercultural dialogue at any university other than CEU,” says Judit Sandor, a professor at the Faculty of Political Science, Legal Studies and Gender Studies.

Here, you’ll find just as many academic approaches and expertise. The department’s faculty members address questions of democratisation, regime change, political economy, media, voting behaviour, political philosophy, party politics, human rights, constitutional politics and Europeanisation in a comparative manner.

Central European University

CEU enrols students from over 100 countries and boasts a faculty representing over 30 nations. Source: Central European University

CEU offers two paths to political science mastery: a One-year MA Programme in Political Science and a Two-year MA Programme in Political Science. Both boast double accreditation from Austria and the US and have a 7:1 student-faculty ratio, ensuring personalised attention and mentorship. Plus, with 93% of 2022/23 students receiving financial aid, you’ll have the support of the department to access CEU’s world-class education.

The One-Year MA Programme in Political Science provides intermediate-level training in theories and methods in the discipline’s major fields. Through electives, students can specialise in Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Research Methods and Techniques, Social and Political Theory, and more. At the end of the programme, students have to submit and defend an approximately 12,000-word MA thesis.

Central European University

CEU’s educational excellence is widely recognised internationally, meaning a degree from the CEU will likely open many doors for students. Source: Central European University

Student Onysiia Novykova believes this programme will be great for her future career thanks to the abundance of knowledge she is gaining. “I chose this programme because I heard a lot of positive feedback from my colleagues who have already studied here,” she says. “I like how our professors approach the educational process, and here we are talking not only about the building or classrooms but also about community. I also enjoy discussions with my colleagues on different topics in a dignified way.”

The Two-year MA Programme in Political Science is an ideal stepping stone for PhD research and training, thanks to a more extensive research period. It’s great for applicants with three-year bachelor’s degrees in the social sciences and related disciplines, whereas candidates with four years of university studies can opt for the one-year programme

Student Blanka Balazs has always dreamt of studying at a university where professors actively encourage students to approach them personally with questions. Whether it’s about their master thesis, the class content, or any other inquiries, she envisioned a place where open communication and mentorship thrive; she found it at CEU.

“I would encourage everyone to apply to the CEU Department of Political Science,” Balazs says. “If you want to study in a highly politicised environment, this is the place for you. In all our classes, we are encouraged to discuss politics and political happenings and criticise each other’s opinions, always in a safe environment.”

The result of a CEU Political Science career outcomes report 84% of 2022 graduates are employed or pursuing further studies, with alumni thriving in prestigious organisations such as the United Nations, EU institutions, KPMG, IPSOS, and leading global universities. They’re ready to make their mark anywhere in the world — though many are just as fulfilled and happy to remain in Vienna.

“Vienna is an amazing city to start a new beginning,” says student ambassador Maryam Hasanova. “I feel like every street here is beautiful and I’ve never been to any place in the world that would look the same as Vienna because everyone is so nice and very helpful.

Interested? Apply by February 1 for scholarship consideration and by March 15 for if you are self-financing to seize the opportunity to study in Vienna, one of the world’s best student cities, in 2024.

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