The Center for English Language and Culture for International Students is your first step to success

Are you looking for a high-quality, intensive English program that teaches the language skills you need to succeed at an American university or your workplace?

Western Michigan University’s Center for English Language and Culture for International Students (CELCIS) offers a high-quality, intensive program for those planning to study at a university or use English in their careers.

Beginning in 1975, WMU’s CELCIS offers the value, support and safety you need to be successful!

High Quality, High Value

The CELCIS program provides high-quality English language instruction and support at a high-value university, with many degree options that serve all student needs.

Western Michigan University (WMU) is a high-value institution that is acknowledged as one of America’s best national universities by US News & World Report. WMU receives consistent praise for its outstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion by the INSIGHT into Diversity team.

WMU offers over 256 degree programs at one of the lowest tuition rates for international students in the Midwestern United States. WMU’s large selection of undergraduate and graduate degrees ensures that you will have access to the program you need, also giving you freedom to switch should you find another program that better matches your needs and interests. Degree options include traditional subjects such as engineering and accounting, as well as newer programs of study such as e-business marketing and sustainable brewing.

A well-established part of WMU, CELCIS is one of the first English language programs in the world to receive accreditation three times from the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA).

Completing the CELCIS Advanced Level satisfies WMU’s English language proficiency requirements for admission, giving you a direct route to begin an undergraduate or graduate degree. In addition, students who complete the CELCIS Advanced Level do not need to take and submit TOEFL or IELTS scores for most degree programs.

Many students who study at CELCIS continue on to an undergraduate degree and receive WMU’s Haenicke Scholarship for international students. The scholarship is a merit-based award for undergraduate international students that’s automatically awarded upon admission and renewed each year for up to four years. Other funding options are also available for graduate study.

CELCIS graduate and current WMU business student, Marthalia Borumey, explains, “For me, it’s a must that everyone should know how to speak English, as it’s a popular international language. The program has really helped me, and the CELCIS faculty was here for me when I first arrived. Now I am studying business at Western Michigan and I’m very happy!”

WMU CELCIS students also receive access to many services that the campus has to offer, including free bus service, free access to the on-campus student recreation center and a first-rate university library.

WMU CELCIS students also enjoy many affordable housing options, including on-campus residence halls and apartments. There are also many private apartments available for rent within walking distance of the university (or a university bus stop).

Student Support

When you start your academic adventure in a new country, it can be difficult to adjust to the new language and surroundings. That’s why the CELCIS curriculum and WMU’s on-campus resources provide the support you need to succeed both in and outside of the classroom.

The CELCIS syllabus includes English conversation practice and presentation, research and writing classes with other English-language learners. The CELCIS conversation circle program gives you the opportunity to meet and talk with American students to strengthen your English-speaking abilities.

All full-time CELCIS faculty have master’s degrees in TESL or related fields and many years of teaching experience under their belts. More importantly, most faculty have taught English overseas and know what it’s like to live in a foreign country. At WMU, CELCIS instructors care about your welfare and want the best for your career.

CELCIS graduate and current WMU PhD student, Gabriel Alves, explains, “CELCIS was so welcoming, and everything was ready for me when I arrived. Because of that, I could enjoy my studies and my stay at Western Michigan. The professors here are amazing; they are very considerate and well-prepared to receive international students. Even though I’ve just finished the program, I still visit them, as I feel they are part of my family here at WMU.”

WMU CELCIS provides support outside of the classroom as well, offering comprehensive advising on immigration, academic and personal concerns. CELCIS also offers you support as you transition to a degree program at WMU, hosting programs that introduce you to your future program advisor who will help you be successful in your undergraduate or graduate studies.

Additionally, the Office of International Student Activities plans and coordinates recreational events that give you the chance to meet U.S. students and explore the local culture.

Safe Campus and Community

Kalamazoo is a mid-size city that offers the safety of a small town and the dining and cultural options of a large city.

Marthalia notes that “Kalamazoo is a city with a small-town feel and a good community. The cost of living is considerably low, and the population of Kalamazoo City is only about 75,000.”

The WMU campus offers many services intended to keep its students safe, including an on-campus police force and free transport options.

The WMU police force is stationed on-campus and can respond to any emergency situation in less than two minutes. The WMU police force also offers a free transportation service for students who prefer an escort back to their accommodations during the evening hours.

For Marthalia, WMU’s internationally-recognized safety standards also led her to choose the CELCIS program. “Around the campus, I feel safe because the location of the Department of Public Safety is very close, and the public transport can get you to almost every place in the city.”

Students can also receive free airport pick-up upon arrival to the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek International Airport during orientation. This service will take students and their families directly to their housing, either on or off-campus.

Students can enjoy the safety of Kalamazoo and still visit large cities like Chicago easily. The AMTRAK train station in downtown Kalamazoo enables students to reach Chicago in just two hours.

Take your first step to success today by applying to Western Michigan University’s CELCIS – a program that provides the support, value and safety you need to be successful!

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