In-built experience within a business degree is becoming increasingly necessary in today’s world. Increasing numbers of universities and business schools offer courses that simulate situations that graduates could encounter in their future careers. In fact, business programmes combine student-focused academic work with workshops, practical challenges and work experience making business degrees a competitive and challenging study choice.

Not to mention the outstanding teaching and lecturing that business students can expect as a part of their programme. Students can expect to interact with faculty members from a wide variety of academic, professional and industrial backgrounds, which may range from business management, marketing and entrepreneurship, to accounting, finance, law and economics. This gives students a rewarding international experience, preparing them for a variety of career paths and positions after graduation and beyon

Business graduates can expect a healthier salary and swifter career progression too. In the U.S., the country’s 2013-14 PayScale College Salary Report stated the average starting salary for business graduates to be at US$43,500, with the average mid-career salary at US$71,000. The figures vary depending on the specialization, with international business graduates projected to start at US$43,800 and rising to $US83,700 by mid-career. Not only can business graduates expect to thrive in national businesses, as their knowledge and skills guarantee quick career progression, business graduates are equipped with international business acumen – meaning their opportunities are limitless. From industry, commerce and finance to young industries such as new media, or even mature industries like energy and oil, business is an exciting and challenging sector in which to work, shaped by contemporary circumstances and the emergence of new requirements and trends.

Dundee Business School (DBS) at Abertay University is a great choice: it offers everything a business graduate needs to succeed. DBS offer a wide range of innovative programmes, tackling a variety of areas from oil and energy to aspiring entrepreneurs. DBS aims to produce students who are willing and able to promote change, equipping them with the critical thinking, training and competence necessary to excel in today’s changing business climate.

Considering a career in business? Looking for a programme which ensures well-paid, rapid career progression nationally or internationally? Read on to find out more about some of the exciting positions achieved by Dundee Business School graduates, captains of industry, and international leaders in their sector:

Study business: The fast track to a senior position

Choosing to study a programme in business is an investment in your future career. Far more than merely acquiring the skills to succeed, business opens doors and provides a whole host of previously unattainable opportunities for students and graduates. From industry links to high calibre work placements, business students gain a balanced experience from institutions’ practical and theoretical work. Thanks to the knowledge and aptitude gained during their time at university, students are able to impress and progress within businesses. One DBS student in accounting, Lord (George) Simpson, went on to hold senior positions in leading technology companies like British Aerospace and Lucas, and reached the heights of Chief Executive of the Rover Group and of GEC/Marconi.

Chartered Management

As the business world continues to evolve and progress at a rapid rate, many managers feel pressured and find it difficult to handle the demands of such a senior position. At DBS students are prepared for any issues and challenges that business may throw at them, from presenting and numeracy to communication skills and decision making. In fact, Derek Waddell, a student of management at DBS who then became a Member of the Chartered Management Institute, was subsequently Director of Research and Enterprise at Edinburgh University.  DBS students are encouraged and supported to pursue managerial positions and accolades at the highest level, obtaining recognition for their managerial prowess and leadership excellence.

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Leading technology firms

From Apple to Intel and even Google, increasing numbers of technology firms are on the hunt for confident business graduates. While not necessarily an expert in technology, business graduates’ transferable skills and fearless attitude mean that they easily fit into roles within multinational technology firms, from large corporates to small and medium sized enterprises. Examples of student success from DBS include Brian Frame, an MBA graduate, who is now the Managing Director of a leading international technology based firm, Rautomead, specialising in continuous casting technology, including the design and development of wires and cables.

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Marketing and business strategy positions

Marketing and business strategy might be difficult languages to learn and manipulate, yet DBS students are well versed and confident in these evolving and challenging areas of business. From managing complex client portfolios to presenting new marketing ideas and platforms, business graduates are able to tackle new projects head on. In fact, an MBA graduate of DBS became the Director of Marketing at a multinational technology-based firm, Sanovi Technology,  specialising in promoting services in business recovery and IT recovery management, across territories including India, and the rest of Asia-Pacific, North America, and the Middle East.

Multinational opportunities

From the UK and Ireland to Dubai, Singapore or even Rio de Janeiro, business is an exciting and fluid sector in which to work. DBS graduates are prepared to take on a whole variety of global roles, no matter what the location or time zone. Choosing to study a degree in business means that the sky really is the limit!


This article was sponsored by the Dundee Business School (DBS), which is based at Abertay University. The School offers students a broad range of business programmes designed to help them understand and experience global business in the 21st century. DBS provides students with exceptional training, thanks to staff with backgrounds in a variety of disciplines – from academic to industrial. Graduates will enter the business world with the confidence, skills and analytical ability to ensure that they excel in their future careers. The School is proud to offer its students fantastic industry links, ensuring that they obtain the knowledge necessary for a successful career right from day one.