Build your international connections with LSE’s Global Master’s in Management
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Build your international connections with LSE’s Global Master’s in Management

 The London School of Economics’ two-year Global Master’s in Management gives students the opportunity to gain an interdisciplinary education and real-world research skills in an international setting.

Ranked #1 in the UK for research in Business and Management, the LSE Department of Management stands out from the typical business school by combining the historic LSE social science tradition of academic rigor with unique opportunities to network with some of the biggest companies in the world.

The Global Master’s in Management (GMiM) programme in particular prepares students for the dynamic world of business through a combination of intellectual rigor and practical experience in business operations. Students cover a wide range of subjects in their core courses but also some not often found in a typical business school classroom including economics, economic sociology and business psychology. This is a unique approach to management follows LSE’s successful tradition of social science academic study and with an MBA degree rapidly becoming common currency in the job market, the differentiated approach of LSE helps graduates stand out to employers in a pool of business school graduates.

“The faculty work very hard to provide students with a strong theoretical grounding coupled with a practical understanding of how to solve today’s challenging business problems,” explains Christine Cote, Academic Director for CEMS and MBA Exchange.

Located in the global hub of London, LSE offers students the chance to be part of one of the most business-led cities in the world. London, the UK’s thriving capital, is home to some of the world’s most influential companies, encompassing a rich start-up culture fuelled by innovation.

LSE Global Master’s in Management graduate, Jason Burchard, says: “Life in London is great, without a doubt. Studying at the heart of it provides you with proximity to world influencers in government, business, and just about every other area of life.”

Students benefit from having enough time to take optional courses in disciplines from Accounting, to Psychology and even Gender Studies. The compulsory LSE Business Project, a key component of the GMiM programme, requires students to complete a practical research project for an external partner of the university, providing them with access to real-world management experience. Previous partners have included Barclays, Coca Cola, Deloitte, Google, Morgan Stanley, Nokia, PwC, Tesco, and Thomson Reuters.

“Pursuing a two-year master programme gives you the chance not only to learn general foundations of management but also the chance to deepen the knowledge in your field of interest,” writes current student Julia Boltz.

Students in their second year of study are given the option to embark on a semester of international study. It is also the only UK programme to offer students access to the CEMS Alliance – a global business association that includes 30 business schools across five continents and 70 corporate partners. Through the study abroad initiative, the Global Master’s in Management equips students with the resilience needed to expand global business horizons.

“The purpose of the programme’s option to pursue an exchange through CEMS is to give students a global education experience…and to really engage in the discussion of management at a global level and understand how perspectives are influenced by region, culture, government, etc,” says Cote.

“It encourages applied experiential learning and connections with a wider community as well as helping with career prospects.”

Students can also elect to spend their term away on the MBA exchange which partners with a variety of top business schools in the United States. Julia Boltz, a GMiM student currently on exchange at the Booth School of Business in Chicago, says: “One of the main reasons I choose to do a two year master’s programme was the opportunity to spend one semester abroad. The theories I have learned during my past year at LSE now helps me to critically question the concepts taught at Booth as I see business education from the MBA perspective.”

Now a graduate and owner of music start-up, Rootnote, Jason Burchard credits the two-year Global Master’s in Management for his business success. The work he conducted in his thesis allowed him to explore the “theoretical constructs of a new industry model”, providing the foundations of his endeavour.

Jason Burchard

This institution continues to support students long after they graduate through LSE Generate – the university’s enterprise hub – and Burchard maintains that Generate has been crucial to his success so far. Through LSE Generate, students can receive enterprise masterclasses, as well as the potential to win GDP£10,000 (US$13,187) to invest in their start-up.

“Whether it be participating in business projects with current LSE graduate students, traveling to San Francisco on Generate-led entrepreneurial treks, or being supported through grant funding as part of the LSE Generate Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the LSE has left a lasting imprint in the early foundations of our company,” the graduate explains.

LSE is dedicated to providing ongoing support for graduates through the LSE Alumni Network. This community connects over 142,000 people from almost 200 countries, providing a hub for collaboration and knowledge transfer. Choosing to study at LSE does not just connect you with industry leaders and the brightest new minds in the field for the duration of your studies; it’s a community for life.

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