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You don't need to blow your entire student budget on Christmas gifts. Source: Shutterstock

As wonderful as Christmas is, it can also be financially draining. We all want to shower our friends and family with lovely gifts, but it can be hard for those on a budget. It can also be a tough time of the year for students, finance-wise, due to travelling costs.

But remember that Christmas gifts come from the heart and it’s truly the thought that counts! If you want to get your friends (or teachers) something this year but find the holidays a bit taxing on your wallet, here are some Christmas gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

Novelty gifts from your home country

If you’re travelling home this winter break, it’s a great chance to get your friends presents from back home. They’ll receive it a little late, but they will surely be memorable!

Novelty gifts are things that are unique to your home country, that your friends from other countries have probably never have seen or heard of before.

These can include local snacks, handicraft items from local artisans, oils and spices from your homeland, keychains,fridge magnets, or unique home decor items (such as decorative statues and candles).

Chances are, these cost less in your home currency – and they’ll be so unique that they will surely leave an impression on your friends, no matter the price.

Framed photographs

For close friends, one classic Christmas gift that always wins is a framed photograph of both of you. It doesn’t cost a lot, as photo printing is cheap (as long as you don’t go for giant sizes) and you can get a decent photo frame for below US$10.

It’s a memorable and old-school gift they will always cherish, and something they can display in their room or home.

Funky stationery

Every student needs stationery items, so why not get them something useful they can use during the semester?

Think cool pens, artsy notebooks, binders in their favourite colours or a funky pencil case. These items don’t have to cost a lot, they’re practical and your friends will surely use them!

Phone accessories

christmas gift

A handy accessory for your friend’s smartphone is always a great gift. Source: Shutterstock

Another great Christmas gift is something for a student’s best friend – their smartphone. You don’t have to spend a bomb on these as they are so many options in the market today for phone accessories that are also good quality.

Some ideas that are practical and not too pricey are phone covers, car mounts, earphone storage cases or organisers, phone stands and phone ring grips.

Something warm

christmas gift

Get your friends that will keep them cosy this Christmas. Source: Shutterstock

Studying in a country with frigid winters? Something to keep them cozy on winter days and nights is always a good gift for Christmas.

You don’t need to splurge on cashmere sweaters but you can get them warm items like fuzzy socks, mittens, blanket, earmuffs, beanies or scarves.

You could even get them a packet of gourmet hot chocolate if you’re feeling a bit indulgent – like these Ghirardelli Premium Hot Cocoa Double Chocolate envelopes that come in a pack of fifteen.

They’ll definitely appreciate your thoughtful gift when it’s freezing outside!

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