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Brooke House College: Care, support, inspiration

Happy, safe and comfortable pupils are the most successful. Just ask Brooke House College (BHC). At this home away from home where pupils develop into young adults, experienced Resident Tutors, supervised by a Head of Boarding and Pastoral Care, ensure pupils have all the care and support they need to reach their full potential and become the best versions of themselves.

“The teachers guided me through everything and helped me as much as they could,” shares Cambodian-born student Romania.

Walk into campus and BHC’s distinctive environment is immediately obvious: friendly, happy and enterprising. There is a small, family feel to the school. Boarders, though many miles away from family, are surrounded by friends and staff who care for them. Boarding houses engender team spirit, tolerance, independence, respect and confidence to succeed at university and in the workplace.

“Our school community is lively, diverse and caring. It is a happy place with a strong family atmosphere, where friendship matters and where the courteous informality between staff and pupils is highly valued,” shares principal Mike Oliver. “Our pastoral framework is simple yet strong. Everyone matters, in what is for nearly all the pupils, their home from home.”

Caring for and listening to children as they would be at home is immensely vital at Brooke House College. “It is so important that the students feel as if they are part of a family, albeit a rather large one, and that their parents are happy and secure in the knowledge that their children are safe and happy,” explains IELTS teacher Julie Dowling.

Snehit grew up in Bangalore, India and has been a full-time boarding student since he was in year five. He moved to the UK and enrolled at BHC to complete his A Level, drawn to its science classes which are based on practical learning through experiments.

He finds BHC’s close-knit community highly beneficial to his studies. “During my classes, I work as a member of a team to solve problems. Being in a family makes me open to corrections or opinions that come to me,” he shares.

His growth reflects the Independent Schools Inspectorate’s report, which describes BHC’s  ”

The Brooke House College edge

A BHC education is defined by a robust academic curriculum, distinctive programmes and transformative impact. Looking back at her Business Studies class, Linh from Vietnam spoke of her teacher, Ms. Clare, saying, “She had a very unique teaching method that helped not only me, but my classmates. We learnt at a fast pace as she gave us clear examples and precise explanations.”

Brooke House College

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In today’s increasingly complex and interconnected world, superior academic preparation for college is not enough to succeed. That is the competitive advantage of a BHC education: it does far more than develop academic skills at a pivotal time — it empowers students to be resilient, self-aware lifelong learners.

BHC’s University Foundation Programme is “good at delivering better outcomes for our students due to the modularity of the course,” according to Physics teacher Gary Chalmers. “The modularity and continuous assessment also ensures continuous development and attainment. It is flexible so that students can change subjects seamlessly during the course, allowing them to play to their strengths.”

Small class sizes, that allow excellent interaction between teachers and pupils, make this possible. “I get to clear any doubts or questions in class without having to wait as there are only a few students per class,” Snehit explains. “The staff members take amazing care of every student and provide special attention to the ones in need.”

This inspires students to develop their intellectual curiosity, challenge them to step outside of their comfort zones and discover new passions. BHC students live and learn in a service-minded, global community where they establish relationships that last a lifetime.

Brooke House College

Source: Brooke House College

The School’s co-curricular programmes include enthusiastic participants at every level, and celebrate their exploration of new interests. The fun element is present in the activities offered such as table tennis, pool, board games, pilates, dance (Zumba and modern), cosmetics-making, yoga, horse riding and so forth. Boarding houses organise events and competitions, which include discos, film evenings, table tennis, music, drama, martial arts and aerobics. Clubs cover a wide range of interests, from web design and coding to fashion and investments.

Trips truly bring the BHC community closer. These include cinema visits, paintballing, go-karting as well as football league or rugby fixtures and visits to Alton Towers. On longer weekends, students get to explore the enchanting cities of Rome, Paris and Edinburgh.

“The most exciting event held by the school is its annual International Day where we would perform songs from our native countries and I had the opportunity to share more about Vietnam’s cuisine and culture,” shares Linh.

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