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Brentwood School: Being the best and producing the best

With a strong foundation of virtue, learning and manners, Brentwood School has again proven its mettle with a new accolade. It is the joint leading day and boarding school in the UK – and third overall – in the 2023 UK Top IB Schools (Small Cohort) League Tables – in pole position as a result of the school’s 36-point average for the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Brentwood offers GCSEs, IGCSEs, A Levels, the BTEC Extended Diploma in Sport or Business, and the IB Diploma. With all these options, your child can follow a path that best suits their interests and strengths. This also means that they can achieve the best results. Over 80% get into their first choice university, 95% score A*-C grades (9-4) at GCSE and all BTEC students achieve the equivalent of AAA or higher.

Brentwood pushes its students to achieve academic excellence with the support of passionate teachers who can provide individual care because of the small class sizes. Educators use the latest and most effective methods to teach every subject with current information and perspective. As technology is important, Year Seven students are equipped with iPads to ensure digital literacy and enhance technological learning.

Brentwood School

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There are so many excellent qualities and elements that have made this institution one of the best. Brentwood was the very first school in Essex and one of the first in the UK to adopt the Diamond Model. This means that the school has single-sex classes from ages 11 to 16 within an overall mixed-gender environment. Six Sixth Form classes are mixed to prepare your children for the world after school.

As a Steinway School, Brentwood School is home to some of the best-made pianos in the world and rare instruments. This opportunity is priceless for those with talent and passion for music – taking the school’s young virtuosos to the National Youth Orchestra and budding actors to the National Youth Theatre, RADA and other top drama schools.

Yet, the Steinways are just part of the “truly inconceivable” range of facilities here, according to student Alberto Patino, and that’s just for day students alone. “I usually go out to play football on the school fields, but boarders are also allowed to use the gym, athletics tracks, swimming pool and Courage Hall – where volleyball, badminton and basketball are normally played,” says student Alberto Patino.

“When I initially arrived, I was really taken aback by this because I wasn’t used to having so many amenities available for students in my old school, which made me appreciate the School even more and made me realise how lucky I was to be part of such an amazing community.”

Brentwood School

Brentwood School has incredible facilities for your child to explore different co-curricular activities. Source: Brentwood School

There are so many clubs to join and activities to be a part of at Brentwood. For instance, students can join The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and Outdoor Learning and the Voluntary Service in Action Unit, which raises tens of thousands of pounds annually to help specific charitable organisations. 

One of the highlight opportunities is the Combined Cadet Force, one of the community’s oldest and largest. “I was part of the Combined Cadet Force community for my first year where I learned how to shoot and took part in Remembrance Services,” says student  . “I am a big fan of chemistry, so I quickly started up my own chemistry club. I enjoyed it so much and made friends with students from all years.”

Brentwood School

Brentwood School’s sense of community stays long after students graduate. Source: Brentwood School

Jessica manages to compete in competitions such as House lip sync, House sports and even escape rooms. Activities like these encourage students to be active members, earning house points when participating. All of this builds a sense of community. “Over time, I noticed that donning the Hough House tie was not only symbolic but also conveyed a sense of pride and inclusivity to all boarders since we are all part of the same team,” says Patino.

This sense of community does not end at graduation. Alumni are connected across the globe through the Old Brentwoods community. “I will always be grateful for the opportunity I have been given to put my grain of sand in this House’s future, which I hope continues growing,” adds Patino. “I often remember how nervous I was to begin boarding last year, and then I look at myself today, not wanting to leave, and I realise that it has all been worth it.”

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