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Source: Myles Ng

Myles Ng from the Philippines wanted to study economics abroad for as long as he could remember. Being East Asian in heritage, he was curious of the factors that sway the Filipino and Chinese, in particular, Hong Kong’s, wider economy. Pursuing his interests in Hong Kong, and specifically, at the Faculty of Social Science of The Chinese University of Hong Kong therefore made perfect sense, as it provided Ng with the necessary knowledge and environment to support his now-realised dream to establish a social enterprise.

Home to six departments and two schools, this faculty would be the perfect place to chart an interdisciplinary academic journey of a lifetime. Distinguished scholars and dedicated educators from these divisions come together to help ambitious students evolve into multi-faceted, globally-competitive professionals.

Students are welcome to merge their curiosity through the BSSc in Data Science and Policy Studies too, which can equip them with the essential knowledge, skills and capacities to design innovative, big data-driven, and evidence-based policy solutions to complex problems in society. The four-year Global Studies Programme is another prime example for its ability to nurture future global leaders with the know-how to negotiate international relations and geopolitics, manage parochialism, as well as tackle global environmental and health challenges.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Source: The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Global Communication Programme stands out for fusing a rigorous training in journalism and communication studies with a stint at one of CUHK’s partner universities across Asia, Europe, and North America. “I started with my general interest in media and my curiosity towards global affairs, and now I know what I want to do. I am excited to work for Korean companies, fusing my intercultural backgrounds and the communication skills I gained in university life for the global expansion of these firms!” says Janine Kim, a South Korean who joined the programme in 2017. Apart from starting a student media team at CUHK, she also got internship offers from multinationals like Alexander McQueen, Interbrand, Ogilvy and Kakao.

Jointly offered by the School of Architecture and Department of Geography and Resource Management, the four-year Urban Studies Programme is one of the Faculty’s most interdisciplinary programmes, focusing on the study of the urban realm in the context of an unfolding urban revolution. Now that over half of our world’s population lives in cities, these subjects have never been more topical.

Meanwhile, with the Global Economics and Finance Programme — which is jointly offered by the Department of Economics and the Department of Finance — students gain specialised knowledge on widely-used concepts in economics and operational skills in finance.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

“I have chosen to study Global Economics and Finance as it opens up many opportunities,” says graduate Artyom Bassanets from Kazakhstan. “I also have access to the best knowledge and resources available to the two faculties.”

When students examine various areas of study, they often find it easier to pinpoint exactly how they will contribute to the greater good with their newfound skills. Social innovation and impact are big within the Faculty — evident through the several social enterprises led by educators from the Department of Psychology; work conducted within the Institute for User Participation (IUP) and Good Impact Assessment Institute Limited (GIA), which are led by faculty members of the Department of Social Work; the founding of Diversity in Community Limited by the Faculty’s sociology students; and the rise of anti-climate change non-profit V’air, which was founded by students of Geography and Resource Management.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Source: The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Natalie Chung, a co-founder of V’air, had a strong concern for climate change since childhood. The persistent interest led her to the Faculty’s Department of Geography and Resource Management, where she evolved into a low-carbon travel guru and ultimately received a scholarship to pursue an MPhil at the University of Oxford.

Other than the support for students and alumni from CUHK I·CARE Centre, there’s even a minor dedicated to those in search of some inspiration. The CU-ASK: Innovative Problem Solving programme shares the values of compassion, empiricism, inclusion, optimism, practice-driven theory and theory-driven practice. Its curriculum was designed to offer social science answers to real-world questions, covering topical issues like social and economic development, social equality, social harmony, global mindset, environmental sustainability, mental health and psychological well-being, and education innovation.

Making a difference in the world can also be achieved by engaging in research. Within the Faculty, multiple projects are funded by the Knowledge Transfer Project Fund (KPF) of CUHK, such as the “sustainable communities lab for people’s multifaceted well-being” and “visualising the past, connecting to the present” — both of which are led by faculty members from various Schools and Departments of the Faculty. Thanks to the efforts of members of the Faculty, CUHK Psychology places first in China, and CUHK Economics and Finance places second in China and first in Hong Kong, according to in 2021.

It’s clear inspiration will surround those who choose the Faculty of Social Science, CUHK as their launch pad to world-changing careers. Ng, Kim, Bassanets and Chung’s impressive success stories confirm this. To write yours today, click here to learn more about admissions.

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