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Bloomsbury Institute: From Latin America to global success

In a changing world with a changing climate, aspiring business leaders from Latin America need deeper insights and broader skill sets. There are new contexts and challenges defining business in the region — and beyond — that they’ll have to navigate.

Enter Bloomsbury Institute. This is a business school ideal for fresh graduates and mid-career executives seeking to level up and take their careers and lives global. No matter their background, Latin Americans will find a diverse community with a big heart here to support them in making things happen.

Bloomsbury Institute does this well thanks to two key factors: an unbeatable location in London and a great track record for producing satisfied students.

By joining Bloomsbury Institute, you get to live in one of the most exciting cities in the world: London. Here, you can complete your master’s degree in one year, receive a 1,000 pounds scholarship on graduation and apply for a two-year Graduate Visa upon completing your degree to start a career in the UK.  It’s a package of benefits that’s just as impactful as other degrees from the US, Canada or Australia yet more affordable.

Along the way, you’ll get to experience all London has to offer from a campus that’s just a short walk to Covent Garden, the West End and Kings Cross. You’re connected to every part of the city by tube and bus. For example, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London and the authentic sets, props, and costumes from the Harry Potter films are just an hour away.

With such experiences, it’s little wonder why so many students are satisfied. Bloomsbury Institute was ranked #1 for Law in London (#2 in England), # 2 for business in London (#3 in England) and # 3 in Accounting in London (#14 in England) in the 2023 National Student Survey (NSS) of final-year undergraduate students. “The students are taught by high-level staff members who are both practitioners and academicians and clearly understand student’s needs and aspirations,” says Dr Nnamdi Obiosa, Head of the School of Accounting and Finance. “We place high value on the students as we guide them to academic success.”

Barrier-breaking master’s programmes

Bloomsbury Institute offers four transformative graduate programmes: Master of Business Administration (MBA), MSc Management Course London | BIL , MSc Finance and Wealth Management, and MSc Accounting and Finance. Developed in consultation with employers, these programmes incorporate the skills and attributes that employers seek in modern workplaces.

Bloomsbury Institute’s MBA is uniquely vocational and provides a comprehensive understanding of business management. “One of the two core modules in term one is Strategy and Leadership in Practice,” says Dr. Marcus Astley, Head of the School of Business and Management. “It focuses on theoretical concepts and how to apply these in real-world contexts. Students will develop skills including how to build dynamic teams, how to lead diverse people in teams, as well as how to communicate effectively as a leader using a range of media.”

Graduates receive a CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Practice and can apply for Chartered Manager status, the highest status that can be achieved in the management and leadership profession. “They are more likely to secure employment with this CMI qualification. It also enables them to be better leaders and managers of organisations, to be more authoritative and credible as professionals,” Dr. Astley says.

The MSc Finance and Wealth Management is just as impactful. It provides advanced education and training within a global business context by offering a combination of rigorous and critical analysis of issues in the core areas of finance, business strategy and wealth management. Deepening students’ graduate-level understanding of theoretical and practical knowledge, this programme sets students up to undertake roles as finance professionals in any type of business set-up and organisation.

Meanwhile, the MSc Accounting and Finance prepares students to acquire knowledge and skills that will enable them not only to carry out the traditional stewardship, analysis, and interpretation of financial information function; and the financing and investment decisions, but also be called upon to manage companies at executive levels, rescue the insolvent, or devise winning strategies for catapulting the emergent company into becoming a top international conglomerate. Accredited by CIMA, this programme grants students 11 exemptions, offering them a fast track to finance careers and lucrative opportunities globally.

Both programmes ensure students are work-ready by the time they graduate. “The programmes will develop students’ technical, quantitative, and analytical skills in the context of finance, which when synthesised, meet the quantitative and qualitative requirements of the industry,” says Dr. Obiosa “It will further develop critical problem-solving skills and general or transferable skills, to prepare students for employment and lifetime career opportunities within the areas of finance and accounting.”

At their doorstep lies more exposure and opportunities. Students are encouraged to attend events organised by professional bodies which will sign-post them to available careers, and undertake mentoring opportunities and work opportunities throughout the year to gain valuable experience. “There is no better place to undertake the study of finance than London, the financial centre of the world as this will expose you to various financial entities with different job opportunities,” says Dr. Obiosa. “Certainly, you will have the best chance of employment in the financial and business sectors.”

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