Betsy DeVos wins this year's worst Halloween costume - and people are not happy
US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos got slammed on the internet for her terrible choice of Halloween costume. Education Department, February 8, 2017. Source: Reuters/Jonathan Ernst

Halloween is over for another year. While some of us may not have nailed the scream-inducing look we envisioned, we don’t think anyone got such a universal panning as US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

The deeply unpopular secretary somehow managed to destroy the dreams of 90’s kids everywhere while highlighting her own hardline and non-inclusive approach to education reform. Dressing as Ms. Frizzle from the popular children’s TV show The Magic School Bus, DeVos drew the ire of Frizzle fans everywhere with many going online to express their disgust.

Some called the move “deeply disturbing,” others said it was the “most disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen.”

The outfit choice was particularly ironic given the character’s vocal support of public schooling, embracing diversity and furthering the sciences. During her time as education secretary, DeVos has made a number of policy decisions that seem to work directly against this ethos.

Last month she revoked 72 policy documents outlining the rights of disabled students and sparked outrage by claiming that choosing an education institution is similar to choosing which food truck to use.

She has also walked back protections for campus sexual assault victims, withdrawn transgender students’ right to use their bathroom of choice, and called historically black colleges “real pioneers” of school choice despite them having roots in racism and segregation.

Since her appointment in February, DeVos has been criticised by education groups and families for advocating charter schools – privately owned schools that are publicly funded through school vouchers, essentially diverting tax funds away from public schools.

She has praised US President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord and denied the realities of climate change being manmade – not a very Frizzle-esque standpoint.

The hypocrisy of her outfit was quickly noticed by many, even members of congress were getting in on the DeVos bashing.

Clearly DeVos has hit a nerve!

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