best jobs that involve travelling
Say goodbye to a desk job when you choose a career that allows you to travel the world. Source: AFP

Ask any millennials and Gen Zs you know, and many would say that they dream of a job where they can work and travel. You can turn this dream into reality when you choose one of the best jobs that involve travelling. 

That’s because these jobs offer two key elements: the opportunity to go to many countries and the financial stability to support this adventurous lifestyle. Who wouldn’t want that?  

In fact, millennials have cited travel as the best reason to work, according to

Here are several key factors that drive their interest in travelling for work

  • Travelling can lead to personal growth and development. It challenges individuals to adapt to new environments, solve problems and become more independent. It often pushes them out of their comfort zones, and encourage personal and professional growth.
  • Some travel jobs offer a unique work-life balance. For instance, flight attendants often have flexible schedules and can explore new destinations during layovers. Travel nurses can choose their assignments and destinations, creating a balance between work and leisure.
  • Many people find satisfaction in careers that involve travelling because they get to combine their passion for exploration with their profession. As the saying goes, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life,” and this holds true for those who are passionate about travelling.
  • Travelling for work provides individuals with unique experiences that are often unattainable in a traditional office setting. Whether it’s witnessing breathtaking landscapes, participating in cultural festivals or trying exotic cuisine, these experiences can be unforgettable.
best jobs that involve travelling

The best jobs that involve travelling will allow you to work from anywhere, even the beach. Source: AFP

Why there are more best jobs that involve travelling today 

A survey by Deloitte may shed some answers. 

About 39% of Gen Zs and 34% of millennials have turned down offers by companies that do not align with their values. 

They prioritise jobs that offer values like work-life balance, flexibility, mental health benefits and financial rewards. 

These values often exist in jobs that involve travelling — it explains why such jobs are in demand. 

International students would find themselves at a unique crossroads, as they can leverage their global perspective and experiences to pursue such careers. 

After all, they are familiar with having to adapt to new cultures, meeting new people and discovering new locations. 

So what are some of the best jobs that involve travelling, you wonder? Keep on reading to see if a job you’ve been eyeing at is on the list! 

10 best jobs that involve travelling

1. International consultant

Average annual salary: US$118,000

International consultants help firms or organisations find success in overseas markets by analysing their operations and providing expert advice on a wide range of topics, from business strategies to solutions. 

What makes this career particularly appealing is the opportunity to travel extensively as you collaborate with clients from different parts of the world. 

You may find yourself jet-setting to different countries while working on intellectually stimulating tasks with significant financial rewards. 

This is especially true once you establish yourself as a specialist in a particular field. 

best jobs that involve travelling

Becoming a flight attendant is one of the best jobs that involve travelling. Source: AFP

2. Flight attendant

Average annual salary: US$84,397

For the past few decades flight attendant is undoubtedly one of the most popular travel-related jobs as it offers the best of both worlds: a stable job and the opportunity to travel to various destinations every shift. 

In fact, they usually only work during flights by attending to passengers, giving them the chance to focus on travelling during layovers. 

It’s an exciting career path with a competitive salary and a range of benefits, including travel perks and discounts — up to 70% off flight tickets for family members.

It is a good gig but like all jobs, come with downsides. Your hours are weird and long — like working on a ride-eye at 3am for 14 hours long. Some layovers are long and let you explore the city, but some are just a few hours which meana you cannot venture further than the airport.

3. Travel photographer

Average annual earning: US$61,000 

If you have a talent for capturing breathtaking moments on camera, consider a career as a travel photographer. 

From travel magazines to stock photo agencies, there are numerous outlets for your work. 

Photographers often travel to stunning locations, documenting the world’s beauty through their lenses.  

Whether you’re photographing remote landscapes, vibrant cityscapes or the diverse cultures of the world, your work can be financially rewarding, especially if you build a strong portfolio and client base.

However, since everyone has a camera now, expect a lot of competition to get gigs.

best jobs that involve travelling

Wake up to the view of the ocean every day when you become a cruise ship staff. Source: AFP

4. Cruise ship staff

Average annual earning: US$49,005

Cruise ships are like floating cities, and they require a huge teams of staff to operate smoothly. 

Whether you work in F&B, hospitality, entertainment or management, being part of a cruise ship’s crew can provide an exciting opportunity to travel while you work. 

Some cruise ships allow you to explore various destinations over a long period.

While there are cruise ships that sail for a week or two, there are others that sail from country to country for months, allowing you to explore various destinations, all while having your lodging and meals provided for. 

Whether you work as a chef, entertainer or ship manager, your role contributes to the unique atmosphere and adventures that cruise ship travellers seek.

5. Travel writer 

Average annual earning: US$68,000

If you’re a good writer passionate about travelling, look no further than this role. 

Hailing from publications that specialise in lifestyle and travel, travel writers often travel to various destinations and then write about their experiences. 

They would provide detailed accounts, insights and recommendations to their readers. 

Depending on the nature of their job and deadlines, some travel writers frequently write while on the road. 

But there are others who only take notes throughout the trip, and only get to work once they’re back at their desk. 

This was an even more coveted role a few decades ago when newspapers and magazines were the only forms of media.

Today, with anyone able to upload their holiday video on YouTube, it is harder to stand out as a travel writer.

best jobs that involve travelling

If you are fluent in more than one language, now is your chance to secure one of the best jobs that involve travelling. Source: AFP

6. Translator 

Average annual salary: US$59,000

If you’re fluent in more than two languages, your skills may be in high demand across the globe. 

The role of a translator is to facilitate communication between individuals or groups who speak different languages. 

They play a vital role in various settings, especially in international conferences and forums, where they need to instantly translate speeches and keynote presentations for their audiences. 

7. Diplomat 

Average annual salary: US$101,929

For students with an interest in international affairs, a career as a diplomat may provide you with the opportunity to travel. 

Diplomats often travel to foreign nations to represent their home countries. 

They work at embassies and consulates, engaging in international relations, negotiations and diplomacy. 

It is worth noting that diplomatic careers offer competitive salaries, as they play an important role in maintaining and advancing their company’s interests. 

Benefits are great too.

best jobs that involve travelling

Becoming a pilot is one of the best jobs that involve travelling. Source: AFP


Average annual salary: US$106,643

Another aviation job worth considering is pilot, who can spend their entire career travelling. 

They play a crucial role in the aviation industry, flying aircraft and ensuring the safe transportation of passengers and cargo to destinations worldwide. 

The pathway to becoming a pilot is a challenging, albeit fulfilling one. You’ll have to undergo rigorous training, but it is truly one of the most respected and rewarding careers out there. 

9. English language teacher abroad

Average annual salary: US$42,000

Didn’t think that becoming a teacher could get you abroad? Think again. 

English teachers are high in demand in many countries, especially non-English speaking countries, with some even offering competitive salaries and benefits. 

As an English teacher abroad, it can be a rewarding way to immerse yourself in a new culture and make a positive impact on the lives of your students, all while earning a living. 

This career path is especially appealing to international students who want to share their language skills and cultural insights with students around the world. 

However, like with all teaching jobs, it can be stressful dealing with children and parents.

Some countries reportedly only hire teachers from Western English-speaking countries.

best jobs that involve travelling

If you want to travel to different countries, becoming a travel guide is the best job for you. Source: AFP

10. Tour guide

Average annual salary: US$34,559

Do you prefer to get the most out of travelling in your home country? A tour guide might be the job you’re looking for. 

In most circumstances, tour guides are based locally but still enjoy the benefits of travelling extensively, from guiding tourists through cities to bringing them on a food hunt to leading nature tours. 

Tour guides are required to be articulate and confident as they have to lead and educate groups of tourists on explorations of various destinations. 

They would also have to possess knowledge of different regions and their histories.