Since the dawn of study abroad, adventurous students from all over the world have defended the reputation of their favourite U.S. coast. But as a fresh batch of students prepare their university applications, the age-old East Coast vs. West Coast debate continues to wage on…

Well, sound the alarm and summon the cavalry, because after countless years of Coastal rivalry, the Study International verdict is in and it’s got an East Coast vibe!

That’s right, the East Coast is king, and considering it’s home to so many iconic states, like Florida, Georgia, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey and NYC, has anyone really got the gall to disagree?

That being said, here are just some of the reasons why we’re flying the East Coast flag:

They’ve got really good grub…

From the stuffed clam and crab cake North Eastern fruits of the sea, to the Pizza Bread of Rhode Island and the mustard-glazed soft pretzels of Manhattan; the East Coast is home to some mouth-watering culinary creations that not only tingle your taste buds, but also blow your mind!


Behold, @blueribbonfc’s #TheResolution, or what I like to call the sandwich I never knew I wanted all my life. Go eat it. #EATINGNYC

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They’ve also got great weather…

While some people on the West Coast have genuinely never seen snow, dwellers of the East Coast can enjoy the perks of each passing season, meaning they can make the best of the scorching summer sun but can still dream of a white Christmas when winter’s in full swing. Inhabitants of the West Coast: good luck holding out for snow in December, you could be waiting a really long time…


Ice and snow take over the Endless Mountains Visitors Bureau during #PASnowDays. #VisitPA

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And the East Coast is the ultimate recreation destination…

From the flashing city lights and hubbub of NYC, to snow sports in the winter and water sports when it shines, the diverse East Coast states have every angle covered when it comes to recreational needs.


Perfect South Florida day

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While our list of beaming appraisals could go on and on, all that’s really left to say is: East Coast…“we feel ya bro!” So if you’re in search of a U.S. study abroad experience that gives you thrills as well as skills, an East Coast institution will be the perfect fit for you. Here are our top picks:

Located on 250-acres at the heart of Pennsylvania’s historic Lancaster County, students of Millersville University enjoy the perfect blend of tranquil modern living and a tight-knit global community rich in culture and innovation. Its central location means the buzz of major cities like Baltimore and Philadelphia are one hour’s drive away, while Washington and NYC can be reached in just three hours.

Millersville plays host to a supportive and enriching community that has demanded the very best from students since its inception in 1855. The university’s faculty, staff and administrators have always found a way to give each student what they need to excel at the institution and into later life. In addition to academic opportunities, Millersville presents a broad-based support system to nourish body and spirit.

With a population of 7,084 undergraduate and 904 graduate students, Millersville University offers all the advantages you would expect from an East Coast university: competitive programs, state-of-the-art facilities, a vibrant student and surrounding community, plus a variety of campus activities offered in an accessible, intimate and spirited atmosphere.

They offer a diverse range of clubs and organisations, such as the MU Robotics Team, which is part of the Applied Engineering and Technology Management Program.

Image: Millersville University

Millersville University has a reputation for graduating students who are well trained and ready to offer valuable and competent skills to potential employers. A recent survey of Millersville graduates indicated that 75 percent were hired within three months of graduation, and 97 percent remain currently employed. Millersville’s quality education also comes at an affordable cost, with AffordableCollegesOnline identifying the Pennsylvania colleges and universities with the greatest lifetime return on investment (ROI).

The Millersville Marauder spirit is found in the men and women who compete in 19 intercollegiate sports, as well as in the faculty, staff, fellow students and neighbourhood fans who cheer them on.  Information on how to become a Marauder Athlete can be found on the athletics website.

Every year, approximately 1,300 incoming freshmen and 500 transfer students have the opportunity to explore the new and exciting world of Millersville, and if you’re in search of the East Coast study dream, you should consider becoming one of them!

Founded in 1920 on the campus of Yale University in cooperation with Northeastern University, the University of New Haven (UNH) moved to its current West Haven campus in 1960 and opened its Orange Campus in January 2014. The University operates a satellite campus in Tuscany, Italy, and offers programs at several locations throughout Connecticut and in New Mexico. UNH provides its students with a unique combination of a solid liberal arts education paired with real-world, hands-on career opportunities, and an unforgettable student experience.

Students at New Haven have the best of both worlds – an active on-campus community, and access to the city of New Haven. Whether students are interested in cultural, intellectual, or social pursuits, they have wealth of opportunities from which to choose.  

The Office of Student Activities advances the mission of the University by building a sense of community, inspiring the growth of the whole student, providing leadership development opportunities and encouraging student involvement within the strong student community.

Image: University of New Haven

William & Mary is unlike any other university in America, being the second oldest college in the nation, but also a cutting-edge research university. It’s known as a ‘Public Ivy’ — one of only eight in the nation — offering a world-class education at an exceptionally affordable cost.

Campus life at William & Mary is as varied and engaging as the remarkable students that make up the community. Students are also athletes, artists, activists, hikers, singers, researchers and adventurers, and with facilities that are both unparalleled and freely accessible, W&M has everything in place to keep all students happy.

There is a synergy at William & Mary where each facet of the university comes together to make a better than fabulous whole. Walk across campus and you’ll see a love of tradition, a love of learning and a never-ending exchange of passions and ideas. W&M’s students give thousands of hours to community service and study abroad at a rate higher than any other public university. Sustainability is more a moral imperative than a trendy noun, and the university does not just pay lip service to diversity, but aggressively pursues it — in its students and faculty as well as its ideas.

With a rich history in higher education that spans over 150 years, Kean University is a world-class, vibrant and diverse university offering more than 52 undergraduate and 35 graduate programs, with over 85 options for graduate study, including doctoral programs in psychology and education leadership.

Kean campus life brings together a community of students through a multitude of clubs and organizations, all the while providing a means to build leadership skills and incorporate community service as an addition to a Kean education.

The Kean experience fully intends to get students involved in activities and build associations with the local populace. With five on-campus theaters, 33 sororities and fraternities, four on-campus restaurants, three on-campus gaming rooms and fitness centres, plus hundreds of frequent and fun-filled activities, students gain valuable skills by pursuing any of the clubs, organizations and leadership roles available at this unique institution.

Feature image: Millersville University