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Berkeley Global: The #1 chemistry programme in the world

Unlocking the definitive ways copper burns fat in our bodies, a critical contribution to how we deal with obesity and diabetes. Engineering bacteria to churn out a gasoline-like biofuel, a breakthrough that could soon provide an affordable and “green” transportation fuel. Sparking wonder and excitement in class as teachers, mentors and friends. Pioneering contributions to determining the structural and molecular origin of the specificity of the first precision medicine, the cancer drug Gleevec.

The above accolades represent a sampling of the achievements held by the faculty members of UC Berkeley’s College of Chemistry. Since the university’s founding in 1868, the college has consistently led exploration at the frontiers of knowledge in the areas of biophysical, materials, and atmospheric chemistry, as well as the burgeoning fields of chemical biology and nanoscience. College faculty and alumni have been awarded 15 Nobel Prizes in Chemistry, 11 National Medals of Science, and many more.

With Berkeley Global, you can be part of this #1 college at the #1 US global public university for a semester or a year. The new Chemistry Visiting Student Programme offers courses in computational chemistry or chemical biology, research opportunities in Berkeley’s world-renowned laboratories, and an advantage in the application process to the university’s Master of Molecular Science and Software Engineering.

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Scholarships of up to $5,000 each are available for the Spring 2022 cohort. Source: Berkeley Global

Faculty members of this programme include Christopher Chang, Michelle Chang, Phillip Geissler, Martin Head-Gordon, John Kuriyan, Michael Marletta and Eran Rabani. Their current pioneering research includes premier programmes in catalysis, thermodynamics, chemical biology, atmospheric chemistry, the development of polymer, optical and semiconductor materials, and nanoscience, among others.

“As a student in our Chemistry Visiting Student Programme, you’ll have the opportunity to access the brightest minds in scientists,” shares admissions office Audrey Foulk. “Our mission is to educate students who will become world-class scientists, researchers, educators and entrepreneurs.”

The programme is designed for top-qualifying international students who are interested in enhancing their graduate school application or want to start a chemistry or STEM-related career. You’ll have the option to choose between two curriculum tracks: Chemical Biology or Computational Chemistry.

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The first highlights organic chemistry, quantitative thermodynamics and kinetics, which are necessary to understand the logic of biological systems. This set of courses is perfect if you are interested in a career as a professional chemist or in the biological sciences (biomedical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries).

The second will train you in data science and computational science so that you have the tools to prepare for multidisciplinary research and study in the fields of molecular science, high-performance computing, software engineering and big data analytics.

Both offer experiential components. You have opportunities to network and connect with Berkeley leaders in STEM and at San Francisco Bay Area companies and research hubs/labs.

You can also take electives from General Chemistry courses. Pursue original research under the direction of one of the university’s staff members, explore special topics such as previously-offered photochemical air pollution and computers in chemistry, or take advantage of special laboratory work under the guidance of staff members. “You’ll be spending a lot of time inside the classroom learning exciting new subjects and outside of the classroom, doing your homework and studying,” adds Foulk.

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Source: Berkeley Global

Life Outside the Classroom

It’s hard to find a more vibrant university town than Berkeley. As a Berkeley Global student, you’ll be inspired within and beyond campus grounds.

With 74 nationalities on campus and a growing pool of underrepresented groups in the US, there is no shortage of talent to exchange ideas, form friendships and, ultimately, change the world. Step beyond campus and you’re in one of the most diverse states in the nation, with its diversity ever-growing. Nearly 35% of San Francisco residents were born outside of the US.

These new friends make the best companions to tour the Bay Area. Head to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), a multi-programme science lab in the national laboratory system supported by the US Department of Energy through its Office of Science.

Located in the hills above the UC Berkeley campus, it was founded in 1931 by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Ernest O. Lawrence. Take a tour of this exciting lab that hosts 4,200 scientists, engineers, support staff and students who are conducting research in areas ranging from supercomputing to physics and beyond.

“You’ll also have exclusive opportunities to visit the world’s top computer hardware manufacturers at their research and development facilities,” Foulk suggests. “Get an inside look at Intel Corporation, Applied Materials, AMD, Celera, Infineon, GCT semiconductor.”

In downtown Berkeley, you’ll find more attractions. Attend one of the many shows in cinemas, live theatre and music. Explore the diverse cultures, food and traditions unique to California and from around the world. Sample local organic foods at a weekend farmers’ market, go for a hike in the wooded Berkeley hills before relaxing at a sidewalk café.

Want more? San Francisco is 20 minutes away by public transportation. Napa Valley is an hour north. Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Yosemite are a short flight or drive away. From spectacular rock formations to neon-lit casino strips, you’re close to it all.

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