Bard College: Innovative courses designed to challenge emerging leaders
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Bard College: Innovative courses designed to challenge emerging leaders

Bard College has an impressive track record in transforming international students into liberal arts leaders. Through blending traditional liberal arts and sciences courses with innovation, Bard delivers programs that provide real-world context for each major. Its unique programs challenge students to develop creative and practical problem solving skills so that they are ready to take on the biggest social, cultural, and scientific issues facing the world today.

The student-to-faculty ratio is 9:1 and a typical class has only 14 students, which means that students work closely with Bard’s talented and engaged faculty; choosing from 40 academic programs, including computer science, economics, literature, music and more.

Seventeen percent of Bard College students in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY are international students or holders of multiple citizenships. To study here is to experience what it is like to be a global citizen.

Here, Bard students refine the ability to think critically, collaboratively, honestly and openly, enriching the world outside the classroom with brand-new ideas. Bardians are well-trained in flexible thinking and graduate with the confidence they need to adapt to shifts in demands and needs across fields. Central to Bard’s success on this front is its suite of cutting edge and highly applicable courses.

Undergraduate courses at Bard focus on giving students a strong scholarly foundation with a rigorous core curriculum, and with professors encouraging students to explore an individualized academic path that captures all of their scholarly interests.

innovative courses

Bard College

Take its undergraduate Engaged Liberal Arts and Sciences (ELAS) courses, for example, or the Bard Globalization and International Affairs Program (BGIA) in New York City. These programs are designed to connect students with companies and organizations in local, national and international communities and weave together classroom theory and civic engagement.

Participants are required to merge a variety of skills and life experiences in an academically challenging environment and apply them to real world problems. Through this work, students engage in conversations and projects related to a range of issues and see first-hand how their work can affect crucial change in the world. Upon completing these courses, the majority of ELAS and BGIA students reported learning new skills and gaining new strengths.

To tie the liberal arts and sciences to the workplace, students can leverage Bard Works– a professional development program for juniors and seniors – and its dedicated Career Development Office (CDO).

Bard’s nearly 1000-acre campus in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York is more than just a lush, scenic setting of that famed American higher education experience – it’s a place for students to grow critically and creatively.  With the financial and cultural hub of New York City just a car or train ride away, Bard students also have access to some of the most sought-after industry experience in the city, too.

The College has always committed to encouraging learners to attain their aspirations and to achieve their very best. Offering education from secondary school up to the graduate degree level, there is a program to suit everybody at Bard.

Building leadership and lifelong collaboration

Embracing the love of learning and lifelong collaboration, Bard is the perfect example of a college that inspires students to become committed leaders in their communities and careers.

As the President of Bard College, Leon Botstein said: “Colleges and universities possess a unique opportunity. They have the physical spaces and the traditions that can encourage individuals on campus and from surrounding communities to come together around common interests. Public discussions, exhibits, lectures, and concerts are indispensable in our communities.”

And as a model of cultural creation, debate, service and social ventures, the College constantly makes use of that unique position.

For instance, the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) at Bard embodies the fundamental belief that education and civil society are inextricably connected.

At the CCE, there are student-led initiatives, volunteer opportunities, electoral politics, participation in social movements, public education, collaboration with government service and NGOs, and participation in campus-community partnerships.

innovative courses

Bard College

So, whether they’re travelling to join intensive language excursions, performing in concerts or taking part in civic engagement projects, Bard learners gradually and effectively evolve into active members of our global community.

Bringing international outlooks and opportunities together

For real insights on how transformative Bard’s learning process can be, who better to turn to than the Bard students themselves?

For political studies major Austin Lehn, “The college brings together a group of students with a sincere desire to positively affect the world. Whether these changes come through a piece of inspiring art, a scientific discovery, or a research project, Bard students are committed to making an impact on the world around them.”

“I have had so many enlightening conversations with my peers and truly believe that many of my friends here at Bard will become leaders in their respective fields,” he adds.

Aspiring doctor Abiba Salahou can attest to how much she’s grown since joining Bard too:

“Bard has shown me what kind of person I am and I’ve learned a lot outside of the classroom. I understand the impact of my actions now and know how to make smart decisions about my academics and my future.”

These testimonials underscore the potent combination of innovative courses, diverse student population and global opportunities that makes Bard a great platform to nurture the leaders of tomorrow.

Inspiring students to evolve personally and professionally since 1860, with the aid of inventive courses that enhance both creative and critical minds, Bard College is an academic institution that brings the best out of everyone.

Please join Bard College, Carleton College, and Harvey Mudd College this autumn for a series of engaging information sessions. You will have the opportunity to connect with representatives from all three institutions during these sessions. Please enjoy the short introductory videos for each college here and register for the events on the dates and times that work best for you!

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