Applying to university in Australia: A step-by-step guide

Australian university
If you're studying at an Australian university, you should know the application process can be long, so you will want to prepare as early as possible. Source: Saeed Khan/AFP

Are you planning to attend an Australian university now that the country’s borders have reopened to international students?

There are dozens of factors to consider when applying to a university, but it does pay (or save you money) to be prepared for what you need to do.

From getting your required documents to waiting for your offer letter, here’s a guide on the Australian university admission process:

Before you start your application, you would need to do the necessary research to carefully find the best Australian university for you, from the course to location. Source: Richard A. Brooks/AFP

Step 1 – Find the best Australian university that suits your needs

Here’s a fun fact: Australia is the world’s sixth-largest country and is home to 43 universities. So, before you start your application, do the necessary research to find the best Australian university that suits your needs and interest. This includes the specific course, institution, and location. 

For instance, should you study in Melbourne or Adelaide? Which city would give you better employment opportunities upon graduating, or would offer a lower cost of living that suits your budget? There’s a lot to consider, so think things through.

It’s also worth applying to multiple universities as you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. This helps to widen your chances of enrolment. If you aren’t sure which university would be the right one for you, you can consider speaking to a university counsellor or student ambassadors for more information.

Step 2 – Start applying

Once you’ve found the right Australian university, you’ll need to think about the application process and identify what documents you will need. This could include: 

  • A copy of your passport identification page
  • English language results
  • Academic transcripts
  • Proof of funds/scholarship documentation

To submit your application, you can expect to pay a non-refundable application processing fee that could range from A$50 to A$125. Some institutions may waive this fee if you meet their exemption criteria. Do get a translation of documents that aren’t in English.

Now’s the waiting game. After sending in your application, the proper channels will review it accordingly and you will be notified once completed. Source: Ludovic Marin/AFP

Step 3 – Please wait. Your application is being processed

After sending in your application, the proper channels will review it accordingly, and you will be notified once completed. It may take a few weeks or longer. Be sure to know how the university will contact you regarding your application.

Step 4 – Accept the offer

It could go either two ways here: you will either be accepted or rejected. If you have been accepted, congratulations! Now’s the time for you to accept the offer! You may have additional requirements sent by the university, so read carefully and meet those conditions.

If you have been rejected, fingers crossed that you’ll get an acceptance letter or email from your backup choices. You might also want to consider going over your previous applications to check if you have made any errors, such as submitting the wrong documents to not meeting the deadline and avoiding repeating them.

Step 5 – Start your journey

Well, this is it. Now that an Australian university has accepted you, all that’s left is to prepare for your departure for the Land Down Under. You will need to prepare your student visaOverseas Student Health Cover, accommodation, and plane ticket.

We hope that this covers everything you need to know. Remember to have a fun time with your studies in Australia!