Asia-pacific regions that have evolved as dream academic destinations
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“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine

Are you searching for a study adventure set far beyond your current location? If so, it’s great to know the diverse academic offerings of the APAC region.

Referring to countries in the Asia-Pacific, this global space holds many education hotspots hidden in unique locations. Over the years, many international students have left familiar environments in pursuit of better quality of life and high-standard curricula in countries like Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

By taking the plunge into the unknown and investing time, money and professional aspirations into overseas universities and facilities, many have found a place of belonging and prosperity.

As CNBC confirms, the APAC region provide a remarkable study base, with cities like Tokyo and Sydney falling in the world’s Top 10 in terms of perks for international students.

Source: Curtin University Sarawak

And with the recent release of the QS Best Student Cities 2018 report, other prime study destinations include Brisbane, Auckland and Hong Kong.

With so many APAC countries featured in recent student popularity surveys, there are plenty of reasons for learners to leave their home countries in favour of an international study experience in these specific districts.

One key advantage is exposure to diversity. By entering foreign territories and leaving behind the comfort of your cultural norms and values, you open your mind to another exciting way of life. For future employers, this demonstrates drive and determination, showing your willingness to try new things while highlighting that you’ve mastered the art of adaptability.

Another major benefit lies in the discovery of growing job markets. If you stray away from expectations and overpopulated career choices, you’ll find a niche working role tailored to your interests.

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Since you’ll be studying abroad, you’ll also be networking abroad. You will identify the gaps in the market, acquire cross-cultural communication skills and gain a head start in the competitive field of global graduates; a fantastic way to begin to your career!

Here are four incredible study destinations for you to discover…


Australia’s Gold Coast is a city that is coming of age. Known as Australia’s favourite classroom, the Gold Coast offers quality education and training in the backdrop of an unrivalled destination. This is why this city’s bustling neighbourhoods are home to around 29,000 international students from over 130 countries.

Alongside several education and training institutions that offer an extensive array of disciplines, this study hub hosts three highly-ranked and internationally-recognised universities; Bond University, Southern Cross University and Griffith University and Queensland’s largest, most experienced training provider, TAFE Queensland. It has more than 200 public and private schools and colleges that offer an extensive array of English Language opportunities.

“Australians are very kind, friendly and they help me a lot,” says Clark, a Year 12 student at Southport State High Independent Public School. “It’s more relaxed than China, where we study from 7am to 11pm. On the Gold Coast, I still study very hard, but I also have a nice lifestyle balance.”

Source: Study Gold coast

By welcoming students from all walks of life, this city embraces diversity and promotes a fusion of culture. The Gold Coast is the most welcoming student city in Australia.

Masters of Communication student at Bond University Francisco Barcellos from Brazil labels the Gold Coast as the ‘good life’. As he explains, “Australia is the complete package for me. It’s such a beautiful country and everything works the way it should.”

After studying here, the majority of international students connect to career opportunities in the Gold Coast, elevated through regular networking events, the Gold Coast Careers annual festival or the interactive Gold Coast Explorer.

But this city doesn’t just offer golden graduate opportunities. It also ranks first for affordability in the QS Top Universities: Cheapest Cities in Australia 2018 report. Rent is around 40 per cent lower than Sydney and tuition fees for international undergraduates average US$23,600 a year – lower than most other Australian cities.

STUDY PERTH – AUSTRALIA                                                            

Another one of Australia’s serene study hubs lies in the city of Perth. As a location filled with live entertainment events and world-class academic institutions, its relaxed, laid-back lifestyle draws you in from the moment you land!

For international students, Perth offers an assortment of universities to choose. Yingjun from China, for example, found an accounting course at TAFE in Western Australia (WA) and loved it.

Source: Study Perth

While speaking to Study Perth about her experience, she explained that “Perth suits me because I want to focus on my studies. I like the blue sky, fresh air, the beautiful ocean and the lifestyle. Perth is very relaxing and I’m enjoying my life here.”

Once you start walking around the city, you’ll soon notice its willingness to embrace creativity. From walls smothered in street art to international creative events such as the Perth Festival and Fringe World Festival, this city brings together individuals from all walks of life and creates a community of colourful celebration.

So, if you’re ready to get started and want to dive straight into the hidden wonders of this magical city, Study Perth is on hand every step of the way.


At Curtin Sarawak in the cultural melting-pot of Malaysia, you will be welcomed into a global study hub situated on the edge of paradise.

As the faculty explains, “We offer students the unique opportunity to pursue courses from a celebrated Australian university right in the heart of tropical East Malaysia. The difference is our unique location on the west coast of Sarawak, with 187,000 hectares of coastal reef on our doorstep and the 140-million-year-old rainforests of Borneo in our backyard.”

Source: Curtin University Sarawak

So, if you want to swap an ordinary study location for an extraordinary one, you should check out what Curtin Sarawak has to offer. Not only does it host content-rich courses that cover a range of disciplines, it also has a fascinating Department of University Life that takes care of learners from initiation until graduation.

To help you settle in, the university provides an outstanding Orientation Programme that includes an informative checklist, useful contacts and a welcoming day schedule. If you’re feeling nervous after the long flight to Malaysia and are feeling worried about the logistics of your arrival, rest assured that Curtin Sarawak has everything sorted.


As an integral member of Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED), Study Auckland highlights a myriad of reasons as to why international students should invest their time and work in this arena.

Any learners keen to divert their tech-savvy skills towards a lifelong career in Auckland are in luck! This major New Zealand city is home to a vast number of international tech companies constantly searching for top talent.

Source: Study Auckland

By kickstarting your studies in Auckland, you’ll be five steps closer to igniting your career there, too. While you study at esteemed universities like The University of Auckland, AUT University and Lincoln University, or state-owned institutes of technology and polytechnics, you’ll also be exposed to a variety of exciting employment opportunities.

That’s what entrepreneur Nuwanthie found once she chose to study abroad in Auckland. After moving to the city from Sri Lanka, she discovered that “Being in Auckland meant that the size of the market was big enough, but small enough. Which meant that you could network, build and leverage the right ecosystem of people.”

By networking at local events, Nuwanthie was soon able to start a company of her own and used the business power of the city to elevate herself to a position of success. Anything is possible in Auckland.

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