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Ashford School: Where international students learn to thrive

Located in the heart of Kent, is a co-educational day and boarding school that offers an exceptional and inspiring education –– one that guarantees the happiness and success of its students. International pupils are no exception at Ashford School. Amongst its 916-strong student body, 31 nationalities are represented. Forging meaningful connections between them is something take very seriously.

It all begins with communication. As more international pupils choose Ashford School every year, educators are helping them understand the crucial link between language and identity. With a robust English as an Additional Language (EAL) department ready to help, students seamlessly boost their multilingualism and cognitive development.

Ashford School

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Unwavering support makes it all the easier for them to bridge the gap and maintain an equal appreciation for cultural richness both at home and at school. Around one in five (19%) of Ashford School’s students are currently learning to do just that at various levels: Elementary, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, UK A Level, UK Degree Level (students are assessed and placed in their first week of joining the school).

Hailing from the likes of China, Hong Kong, Russia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Serbia, and Macedonia; they are learning in language-rich classrooms filled with foundational and advanced words chosen to spark conversations while influencing vocabulary lists. However, at Ashford School, to cater to the needs of various backgrounds, EAL lessons have to vary to adapt.

A keen awareness of each student’s history makes this possible. Teachers here are expected to discover as much about their learners as they can. This way, they will be able to leverage the best methods in classrooms while enriching their lives. To make these discoveries, they show genuine interest, praise achievements, encourage interaction between pupils, and guide international learners from the rigours of cultural transitions around campus.

The result? Confident learners who enthusiastically take notes, are open to constructive criticism, pros at navigating the English dictionary, and are fully integrated into both the Ashford School’s curriculum and campus life.

Everyone is encouraged to apply their newfound English skills through a variety of co-curricular opportunities such as sports, music, and drama.

In class, subject-specific guidance is also available thanks to two BILINGUAL Teaching Assistants. Their primary responsibilities revolve around going into lessons with pupils who have yet to FULLY master the English language or require more personalised attention.

Oftentimes, a subtle push is all it takes for international students here to find their wings.  Ashford School’s EAL efforts are based on its academic values, which are underpinned by four key factors: Celebrating Individuality, Optimising Potential, Academic Rigour, and Adventurous Learning. It is a future-focused combination that inspires –– proven to help young learners achieve their full potential.

“Whether your child is a baby, a young child, a teenager or a young adult, Ashford School  has the tools to equip them for an ever-changing world,” confirms headmaster Michael Hall.

For young adults in the Senior School and Sixth Form, school days are filled with learning experiences and opportunities that advance skill sets and challenge them out of their comfort zones. Everyone is encouraged to discover and pursue their passions and interests to a profound and exceptional standard.

The Senior School curriculum comprises Art, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Computer Science, Design and Technology, Drama, Economics, Food Studies, French, German, Geography, Global Perspectives, History, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Politics, Psychology, Religious Studies, Spanish, English, and of course, EAL.

The enriching journey to academic excellence continues in Sixth Form, where students build on passions they’ve cultivated along the way. In the process, they get a clearer picture of what they will go on to achieve in university.

Ashford School

Source: Ashford School

A broad range of exciting opportunities serves as guiding lights. By rubbing shoulders with well-qualified staffers who provide a breadth of industry knowledge in classrooms, students get a glimpse into their futures. Countless chances to perform help them build a level of confidence classroom lessons cannot –– such as with peripatetic lessons on dozens of instruments or LAMBA sessions that develop technical drama skills.

Opportunities to develop leadership skills abound as well through community service, positions in School Parliament, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Combined Cadet Force, Young Enterprise, Peer Mentoring, Prefectship, and much more.

Once Sixth Formers are ready to fast-track into a profession or apply to the higher education institution of their dreams, a dedicated Careers team steps in to provide all the support, advice or additional tutoring they could ever need. Their methods are undoubtedly effective –– a fact proven by 2021 figures.

This year, 93% of Year 13 leavers progressed to higher education. Fifty-nine students achieved placement at a UK university –– 49% at a Russell Group University and 19% at a UK top 10 university. One ambitious graduate is even sending postcards from Oxford University.

If this sounds like the education your child needs, learn more about Ashford School here.

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