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An MBA from DeGroote School of Business opens many doors

Learning in a community can make a huge difference. It makes the conversation and education richer because there are varied views, ventures and wisdom that everyone can learn from. At McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business, students are given the opportunity to build and learn from each other in a conducive environment.

For Heidy Sosa, a 2023 MBA with Co-op graduate, the school felt like home. “The DeGroote School of Business made me feel welcome from day zero,” she says. “From the virtual information sessions and in-person assistance at MBA fairs to becoming a student, I have always felt welcome, and that’s thanks to its rooted sense of community. Also, the fact that it was part of Canada’s top-ranked business schools and that it included three co-op terms reinforced my decision to select this programme and school.”

Sosa is not the only one to think so. Graduating next year, Karol Juliana Coy Peña felt that while pursuing her MBA, it was the relationships she formed which spurred her personal growth. “The feeling you have in class is amazing because we all want in a sense the same things,” she says. “We want to learn, grow and be a better version of ourselves. Doing an MBA at The DeGroote School of Business is very challenging, but you will find people going through the same struggle as you. MBA students ambassadors, professors, academic advisors, relationship managers, alumni, and in general, the DeGroote community, will prepare you and support you to go through this journey.”

So long as you have an undergraduate degree, DeGroote School of Business’s MBA is within reach. Students have four MBA programme choices: executive, full-time, and full-time with co-op. Whichever programme meets your goals and needs, McMaster University is an ideal place to further your studies. Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2022 ranked it 37th in the world for Partnerships for the Goals, and in 2023 it is 85th in the world and fourth in Canada overall. In the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022 it is 81st in the world and fourth in Canada.

Other than an impressive reputation, The DeGroote School of Business has clear results when it comes to their graduates’ earning potential and career outcomes. The average base salary three months after graduation for the MBA class of 2022 is 82,464 Canadian dollars, and 26% of students who reported salaries received a signing bonus. Ninety-five percent secured employment within three months of graduation, 34% of whom are in financial services earning an average of CA$82,907. Earning about CA$87,722 Canadian dollars are the 17% in consulting and the 11% in technology make an average of CA95,167 Canadian dollars.

Jose Sanchez Lira is currently an associate at Scotiabank’s global equity derivatives and investor solutions division. “The school is located in the golden horseshoe, the most populated and industrialised region,” he says. “The economy is very diverse in the region, considering that Toronto and Canada in general have high living standards. DeGroote’s close relationships with the top industries in the region meant that the opportunities that I could encounter were abundant. Of course, as an international student I was drawn because of its co-op programme, which allowed me to gain great exposure to the industries that I was interested to work in and a head start to build those relationships that I was eager to construct.”

The Full-time MBA with Co-op can truly make a difference for someone with only a few years of experience as it includes paid work. Not only do the salaries earned significantly offset programme costs, but Co-op work terms also contribute to the Post Graduate Work Permit issued for the length of your programme. This allows graduates from eligible Canadian designated learning institutions (DLIs) to get an open work permit, helping them to gain work experience in this country.

DeGroote School of Business

Source: DeGroote School of Business

You are not alone while making applications for work experience, but have access to the Career Services and Professional Development (CPD) team. While pursuing his Full-time MBA with Co-op, Camilo Peron, who is now an associate merchant at Loblaw Companies Limited, found their help invaluable. “The CPD team has been vital for my success!” he says. “I got internships in world-class companies because I had the right coaching, resume and cover letter preparation, mock interviews, and feedback that I needed during the recruiting processes. When I came to The DeGroote School of Business I had a lot to be developed, and the CPD team made it possible. They are experienced professionals, who prepare themselves to assist us even before we meet. They research the companies we are applying for internships, so they have the right advice. I learned a lot from them, and their work will be useful to my career after the MBA.”

Be it community connections, networking opportunities or invaluable work experience, McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business gives graduates more than just a degree. Their MBA programmes give you everything you need to make the next leap in your career.

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