Amazon internship
Thanks to its global presence and reputation, Amazon is able to host thousands of students across their offices. Source: Noah Seelam/AFP

Amazon welcomed its largest-ever intern class in 2021 — a testament to its unwavering influence as a global tech company. We’re talking 10,000 interns from 45 countries, each eager to kickstart their career with an Amazon internship. So if you or someone you know is interested to join the next cohort, we’re here to tell you that it’s entirely possible.

There are different types of Amazon internships, from technical and engineering to research and business. Though they take place throughout the year, technical internships usually last for 12 to 16 weeks in summer. You’ll immerse yourself in the entire life cycle of a project, learn from inspiring mentors, and train to high industry standards.

With this Amazon internship experience, you can go on to chart a fulfilling career with a Fortune 500 organisation — or even start your own company. Here’s how.

Step 1: Believe you can clinch an Amazon internship

With offices in major economic hubs worldwide, you don’t have to travel far to land an Amazon internship. Even within the US, you’ll be able to choose between New York, Chicago, Washington DC, San Diego, or Seattle. Graduates from any background, anywhere in the world, can land an internship here. This year, interns relocated near their offices to participate in a hybrid working model, where they split their time between the office and home.

The Amazon University Recruiting Team assures, “Too often we see talented candidates get stuck in their own heads, focused on whether or not they’ll be able to get a job, before they even try. The reality is this: if you are passionate, curious, action-oriented, and want to work at a place that is constantly changing and growing, we want to hear from you.”

Step 2: Submit a solid application

Interestingly, Amazon does not screen internship applicants based on cover letters. So your best bet is to submit a comprehensive resume outlining your relevant experience. Be sure to proofread it — even better, have industry connections look through it.

You should also optimise your professional presence online before applying to work for a tech company. Make sure public profiles are problem-free, and choose a presentable LinkedIn picture.

Amazon internship

You too can work here. Source: Angela Weiss/AFP

Step 3: Study the brand

Amazon internships are not just popular for their stature and salary package (though these interns are the second highest-paid in the US). Like other interns, you are probably attracted by the company’s vision, ethos, and perks. Know that your competition is studying the brand as it progresses, and so should you.

As the recruitment team says: “Do you know much about our culture? How do we make decisions? What products have succeeded and why? If not, dig in and read.”

Step 4: Ace the assessments

Prepare to take a couple of assessments before being accepted into Amazon. One will assess your work style by asking you to choose between statements such as “I like for things to be clearly structured” or “I look forward to the opportunity to learn new things.” The other, longer session will test how well you perform in job-related tasks.

Though your existing knowledge should suffice, it would help to see what former interns had to say about this stage. You can also check out sample questions and YouTube videos online.

Amazon internship

Indian employees walk inside Amazon’s newly inaugurated campus building in Hyderabad on Aug. 21, 2019. Source: Noah Seelam/AFP

Step 5: Nail the interviews

Yes, there will be more than one interview, but that’s no cause for panic. You must first get through a couple of introductory rounds, held online or over the phone. Then Amazon typically holds in-person interviews in their office (this stage is entirely digital during the pandemic).

In this interview, you will be asked about matters beyond your job scope, including Amazon’s leadership principles and your professional goals. There will also be a “bar raiser” within the interview panel. This person will see how well you would fit at Amazon, and whether you would “raise the bar” when the situation calls for it.

Amazon values curiosity in their employees, so know your stuff and ask questions, too. Impress the recruiters with your genuine interest. Now that you’re familiar with the process, it’s time to go for that Amazon internship; choose from over 100 opportunities on the official website.