Age-friendly universities around the world
On the lookout for an age-friendly university? Source: Shutterstock

Certified by the Age-Friendly University (AFU) Global Network, a selection of universities around the globe have committed to the AFU principles to become more age-friendly in their programmes and policies.

Promoting personal and career development in the second half of life and supporting those who wish to pursue second careers, the following universities are gaining traction among older international learners.

Maastricht University – The Netherlands

This university stands out for its innovative education model, international character and multi-generational network of learners.

Never too old to pick up a new discipline, the students of Maastricht are always motivated to learn something new.

Strathclyde University – Scotland

As displayed in the post above, the University of Strathclyde welcomes learners of all ages!

Home to an age-friendly academy, the university aims to enhance the lives of older adults through renowned learning opportunities, undertaking innovative research, intergenerational work and promoting career development.

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) – USA

Committed to the advancement and enrichment of Los Angeles and the Southern California region, UCLA has a dedicated system in place for those who wish to continue their education.

Whether it’s exploring an interest, developing skills or shifting careers, here, there’s something suitable for everyone.

Trinity College Dublin – Ireland

Trinity College Dublin is known for being a university for all ages, welcoming the opportunity to transform lives and societies through education, engagement, research and innovation.

Promoting positive and enriching learning experiences, the university firmly believes in the value of diversity in their college community.

Niagara College – Canada

The first college in Canada to be designated as a member of the AFU Global Network, Niagara is leading the way with its diverse student network.

Recognised as a strong advocate for life-long learning, the college is reshaping attitudes towards growing old.

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