AEI Oregon: Support that study abroad students appreciate
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AEI Oregon: Support that study abroad students appreciate

The thought of studying abroad can be daunting. Planning for travel and arrival, making housing arrangements, worrying about making new friends, and being nervous about learning a new language (English) can be stressful for you and your family. Finding an academic institution that supports your adjustment process is vital for a positive study abroad experience.

The American English Institute (AEI) at the University of Oregon (UO) understands the support you need to feel ready for your future. It has been a leader in English language teaching, research, and university transitions since 1978.

AEI at UO offers English language courses, through both a non-credit Intensive English Program (IEP) and a for-credit Academic English for International Students (AEIS) program. The IEP is for conditionally admitted students, those interested in a study abroad experience, or those seeking a language and cross-culture experience for professional purposes, while the AEIS is for matriculated students who need additional language support. Both programs serve as a gateway into the UO.

AEI Oregon is the ideal academic institute to raise your international profile, heighten your independent thinking skills, and gain the confidence needed to build fluency and use English comfortably.

Worried about logistics?

Krista Farris and Lisa James will be your first point of contact at AEI Oregon. They understand that admissions, immigration, housing, transportation, schedules, and children are often topics of concern.

AEI Oregon

Visiting trip to Florence, Oregon

They help manage your worries about settling in by providing extensive information before you travel, as well as checklists to help you sort through the details in manageable chunks so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Krista and Lisa want to help you make the best decisions about your study abroad experience. They can connect you with reliable resources on and off campus, help you with referrals, and even make phone calls when language is an issue.

Concerned about where you’ll stay?

Do you have questions about what type of housing you should choose? Are you considering staying with a host family while studying at AEI Oregon?

Before you arrive, Housing Coordinator Suzie Heilman will help you make an appropriate match for your living arrangements. She reads each application very carefully and responds to your emails quickly and accurately.

Suzie’s support continues after you arrive at AEI Oregon. If you have cultural or linguistic miscommunications with your host families or roommates, Suzie helps you resolve these issues to support a positive student experience.

If you stay with a host family, Suzie has you and your host family take part in “Homestay Homework.” This fun and interactive activity opens the door to difficult questions in a safe space and raises awareness about what is to come during your study abroad adventure.

Nervous about adjusting to a new language?

If you’re fearful about language barriers, don’t worry. AEI Oregon employs great instructors and advisors who enhance your English language skills and cater lessons to your level of understanding. Studying in a classroom with classmates from around the world, you’ll learn to adapt as part of a team.

AEI Oregon

AEI students at a UO basketball game

Danny Gruss and Alicia Going, the advising team at AEI Oregon, provide support for academic skills and US academic expectations. If you have any difficulty in your classes, they will reach out and invite you in to discuss ways to help you improve.

In addition, Jessica Lynch and her team in the AEI Tutoring and Conversation Partner Program offer plenty of opportunities to connect with current UO student tutors. These tutors participate in your Speaking and Listening and Student Success classes. You can also meet with a UO Conversation Partner one hour per week to practice conversation skills and learn about student life at the UO. Or you can visit the IEP Help Desk for homework assistance, general questions, or even extra conversation practice to help improve your language skills.

Cautious about making new friends?

Don’t worry. It’s easy to make friends at AEI Oregon.

In your first term, the Student Success class helps you learn about campus and community resources and culture. All your instructors are there to help you make the transition to life in the United States.

AEI Oregon also offers social and cultural events to encourage student involvement. You can enjoy trips to natural wonders and cities, bi-weekly teatimes, end-of-term celebrations, ice skating, hiking, festivals, and more! The trip to Blue Pool, the coastal city of Florence, and other local areas are always popular with students.

AEI Oregon

Tea Time at the AEI

Daria Kadrova and her team of UO students are also available to build cross-cultural bridges and encourage personal development. Students learn through AEI activities, videos, and podcasts. Here are some podcast episodes about activities and the US holiday Thanksgiving.

As one student from Korea explains, “I always asked for help from my teachers and the group work in classes in AEI are great for making friends. Some examples of activities I’ve experienced include hiking on Spencer Butte, visiting Crater Lake, and shopping in Portland and at the Woodburn outlet malls. And with the UO ID card, the bus is free!”

A warm and welcoming learning environment, connected to a diverse network of learners and teachers, is always available to you.

AEI Oregon is not simply another leader in English language teaching. It offers a program you can trust to support you on your journey to success.

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