“Georgia, Georgia the whole day through. Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind.”

That’s right, good ol’ Georgia! Any place that elects a tune by Groovin’ Ray Charles as its official State song has got to have it going on. Home to Cordele, the Watermelon capital of the world, and Vidalia; where the fields are so enchanting that they make the onions happy (Seriously! The sweetest onion in the world, the Vidalia, can only be grown in the fields around Vidalia and Glennville), it’s hard to believe the State of Georgia is not a figment from a fairy tale…

Well, you better believe it! Not only is Georgia full of cheerful vegetables, it is positively booming with jubilant little students. So if you’re seeking the American study dream, but can’t decide between the thousands of Universities, here are nine great reasons why you should choose to study in the Grand ol’ State of Georgia:

1. Wesleyan State in Macon was the first college in the world to grant degrees to women

Forget your preconceptions- Georgia is totally fresh and liberal! Ever since Wesleyan College was chartered to grant degrees to women back in 1836, they’ve seen women across the world achieve some pretty epic feats;  like the first woman to receive a Doctor of Medicine Degree, and the first woman to argue a case in front of the Georgia supreme court. Wesleyan College’s impressive history has brought a heap of benefits to the students who choose to study there; if you’re a girl, its feminist foundations give you a free pass to burn your bras and grow your leg hair like a yeti, and boys, you should choose Wesleyan because it’s full of hot girls…with really thick leg hair.

2. The pirate Edward “Blackbeard” Teach made a home on Blackbeard Island

Yep, the most infamous pirate in the world, who sailed the seven seas to every corner of the globe, chose this stretch of land, just northeast of Sapelo Island, to settle as his home. It’s been called ‘Blackbeard Island’ since 1760, and the United States Congress designated the Island as wilderness area back in 1975. So, this little island in Georgia that serves as a beautiful wildlife refuge was once home to the fiercest swashbuckling pirate. Oh Georgia, you are so full of surprises!

3. In 1828, Auraria, near the city of Dahlongea, was the site of the first American Gold Rush

If you choose to study in Georgia, you can all but forget that noose of student debt. There’s gold in them there hills, you just gotta get out and find it!

(Here’s hoping that they missed a bit when they were scoping out those mountains, or you could be looking for a really long time…)

4. Coca-Cola was invented in May 1886 by Dr. John S. Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia

And the name ‘Coca-Cola’ was suggested by Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Robinson. Ironically enough, the world’s favourite fizzy drink was first sold at a ‘soda fountain’ in Jacob’s Pharmacy in the city of Atlanta. You see – without the State of Georgia, we may never have had Coca-Cola, which means we never would have seen a jolly red and white Father Christmas, and Rudolph’s nose would never have been red, which means that…ah, you get the idea. Yay for Georgia!


Ever seen man’s best friend in hot pursuit of man’s favorite treat? Now you have. #CokePointOfView

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5. Georgia is the number one producer of the 3 Ps: Peanuts, Pecans and Peaches

Study in Georgia and you can scoff all the Ps to your heart’s content. Beautiful, fresh Ps- you can eat them all! It would be your duty as an honorary Georgian.


Roadside peaches, pecans, and peanuts. #Georgia

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6. In Atlanta, Georgia, there are over 53 streets with the name Peachtree…and not a single one of them is named after an actual Peach Tree

It’s true! Historians suggest they’re named after the Native American village of “Standing Pitch Tree”, but over the years the pronunciation has been corrupted, and now we have Peachtree! Just think of the potential for student shenanigans that can arrise from this:

“Come round, you have to see our new place. It’s on Peachtree Street.”

“Oh cool, I’ll put it in my GPS. See you in five!”

*Six hours later…

7. Georgia leads the nation in the production of paper and board, tufted textile products and…processed chicken

It’s just the absolute perfect place to live the student dream! Have you run out of paper for that project due on Monday? Just pop down to the shop for some of Georgia’s finest and locally produced study supplies! How about your hangover; is it crying out for processed chicken? Well, you couldn’t really be in a better place to satisfy those needs. Hot dang Georgia, you’ve done it again!

8. Each year, Georgia serves as host to the International Poultry Trade Show, the largest poultry convention in the world

Do you like chicken? Because they sure do in Georgia! The State hosts the world’s largest Poultry show as well as the largest Farmer’s Market. It’s the student party of the year!

9. Gainesville, Georgia, is the chicken capital of the world

Did I mention chicken? Georgia’s all about the chicken. The city of Gainesville especially loves chicken, since it is actually illegal to eat chicken with a fork! That law sure would have come in handy the day after that party, when you clumsily mauled that roast chicken from the supermarket rotisserie, crying between mouthfuls and questioning how you’d ever stooped so low…

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